Antifa is known for their “counter-protesting” and violent antics, but lately the group has taken their message too far. Twitter is buzzing with a new, sick meme campaign promoted by Antifa.

If you search #punchanazi on Twitter, you will find all sorts of disturbing pictures of abused women. These pictures have the hashtag #punchanazi and say women who are “nazis” deserve to be beaten.

This sort of behavior is not surprising coming from the violent Alt-Left. Paid protestors and useful idiots with too much time on their hands, who obviously have problems with women… and people thought the Alt-Right was bad. 

Hitting women in 2017 is not acceptable. How ironic is it, that the group who claims to protest for tolerance and diversity are willing to beat women just for having different political opinions.

Some of these memes are very extreme, even involving children.

What these pictures demonstrate is a radical and violent ideology taken to its logical conclusion. How can people continue to defend such vile behavior? Video evidence from Boston already shows Antifa’s disdain for the elderly.

Picking on women, children and the elderly is the lowest thing someone can do. Of course, when your movement revolves around thuggery and violence, it is no surprise that anyone or anything that gets in your way will be removed the same way: with violence.

Exposing these memes to the public and media at large will force a conversation about Antifa and their tactics. If more people know about the lengths that these sickos are willing to go to, maybe they will take them more seriously and officially declare them a terrorist group.