james fields
James Fields, 20-year-old driver of a notorious Dodge Challenger.

Since the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA on August 12th-13th, one of the biggest headlines across news outlets everywhere is the allegedly nefarious plot of car-wrecker James Fields. A quiet Kentucky-born Ohio resident, Fields is an outspoken supporter of President Trump; however, when the right-wing rally quickly turned into an ugly session of violence, footage shows Fields stomping on the gas pedal, killing one and injuring 19. Some news outlets have considered this instance to be an attack of intentional, or premeditated, assault on the counter-protestors who arrived on the scene. However, a closer look at footage taken from the instance may offer a pliable defense for Fields. 

The following footage does not belong to us, and was gathered from the internet, mostly from a recent 4chan thread concerning the defense of James Fields. For the sake of brevity and convenience, credit for the following content goes to /pol/. The first video shows the vehicle before it accelerates, moving down the road at a regular speed before being enclosed by an angry mob of counter-protesters. 

Video 1: 


It is evident by Video 1 that there is no apparent plot initiated on behalf of the driver, and that Fields is clearly attempting to make his way through the street, driving at an appropriate speed, and slowing down when surrounded by counter-protesters. Moreover, Fields clearly applies his break light after being hit, showing that he did not intend to enter into the situation with any violence. 


Video 2: 

In the second slowed video, one of the counter-protestors can be clearly seen striking Fields’s vehicle with considerable force, perhaps sparking the well-known instance that followed shortly thereafter. 

Video 3: 

Note that before putting his vehicle in reverse, Fields’s car receives a hearty blow from one of the counter-protester’s baseball bats on the back windshield. It is only then that Fields puts his car into reverse, as any sane individual would do in such a situation.

The three videos above hopefully shine a helpful light on the entire situation. Fields is not a malicious man who intended to wreak havoc, and should be charged with manslaughter rather than second-degree murder. The young man was clearly provoked by counter-protesters who 1) hit his vehicle with a club hard enough to dent its backside, 2) surround his vehicle for an unknown reason, and 3) smashed a hole in the back of his window with a baseball bat.

As the above data highlights the fact that the vehicle had been dented before it ran over anybody, it is clear that Fields’s private property was violated before he retaliated in kind. Never mind the fact that the counter-protesters are all wielding weapons such as clubs and bats, clearly prepared for violent confrontation. Rather, let us proceed to the main point of Fields’s defense: castle laws. 

In the United States, homicide is generally justifiable if the perpetrator in question is legitimately in fear for their own life. Defense of habitation laws revolve around the right of an individual to protect his or her life with lethal force if their lives are being threatened while dwelling in a habitation wherein they have the legal right to be. The implementation of these laws are intended to make it to where individuals are not forced to retreat from the safety of lawfully indwelled habitations due to the threat of violence.

In the State of Virginia specifically, the Supreme Court ruled that “the statute [of forcible entry] does not in express terms deprive the owner of the common-law right to take possession by reasonable force of premises to which he may be entitled.” This would presumably imply that individuals, including Fields, has the right to use “reasonable force” to preserve or reclaim that which it being taken or is under threat of being revoked from his possession – in this case, is life and/or vehicle. 

Fields should not be held guilty for murder, as he cannot be proven to have held malicious intent towards any of the counter-protesters, and surfaced footage implies that his violent actions were the result of being spurred on and threatened by counter-protesters. The injuries obtained by the counter-protesters is at the hands of Antifa, not the Right. 

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    You can hear and see the low RPM of his engine, then you can clearly see what looks a bat I marked with the red arrow, and then the high RPM of his engine.


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  • Lynn

    If he was going the speed limit and only reacting to violence, then why does Video 3 show a WAVE of people on the ground?

    • January8Forever

      Uh, because he was in an automobile.

    • AshleyNicely ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      Let me guess. You’re in a car going home after a day of violent protesters attacking people, your car gets struck from behind by a protester with a blunt instrument, you’re not sure what it is, you panic and hit the accelerator and drive into the crowd (chain accident, first mover at fault), the crowd then attacks you with massive force, you flee for your life in reverse, not wanting to plow into the protesters in front of you, contrary to MSM meme. Make more sense than the media story? Hands up, don’t shoot, until we know better.

      • Let me guess. You’re DRIVING a car and headed towards a crowd of people and your pea brain panics and, instead of backing away from the crowd, you know, since the entire street behind you is EMPTY, you decided to accelerate into a crowd of HUMAN BEINGS. With reckless disregard for their right to LIVE.

        • Tony Greif

          When they start attacking, fuck yes…mow them violent, racists pieces of shit down.

          • V “Gojyox”

            then he shoulda reversed and hit the guy who actually hit him, not someone who’s in front of you who didn’t do anything

  • goat34

    Brake lights were NOT activated prior to him hitting the crowd. Your video 3 shows his brake lights come on before he shifts to reverse!! Quit trying to protect this murdering piece of crap!!!!!

    • Mr.Conservative

      Goat fucker the, only bad thing is he only scored one antifa bitch

      • goat34

        Up your puss!!! If you support that then you are a sorry pos!!!!!

        • Mr.Conservative

          Why don’t you go to hell you liberal sonzabitch. If you support Antifa and black lives matter then you are as anti-American as they are and it’s to bad you weren’t in front of that car also.

          • goat34

            Fuck you. Liberal? You’re out of your got dayum mind. I’m real about shit! Pussies like you are the problem!!!

          • Mr.Conservative

            You can call me what you want you low life mother fudger, but calling me a liberal can get you a safe space. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8e66ee213f02c000763f1fe6c95fe32f2490756d4870743bba7290546716ef1f.jpg

          • goat34

            Eat a d!ick b!tch!! Liberal? You’ve lost your mind! I voted Trump and will again. I just don’t support killing people for no reason like your pu$$y a$$ does!!!

          • goat34

            Ooooh. A keyboard warrior. Like I said PUSS….. up yours!!!! Aholes like you give real conservatives like me a bad name!!! The best thing that could happen to you is a big mfer with a bbc would make you his lap dog!!!!! And make you lick that big bone all day long!!!!

          • goat34

            Ooo. Keyboard warrior!!! Best thing that could happen to you is a big boy with a bbc make you his lap dog. And make you lick that big bone all day long. Liberal? I don’t think so. But if it’s a choice of being like you or being liberal…. I’ll take liberal.

            PS….spitters are quitters!!!

      • goat34

        Ooooh. A keyboard warrior. Like I said PUSS….. up yours!!!! Aholes like you give real conservatives like me a bad name!!! The best thing that could happen to you is a big mfer with a bbc would make you his lap dog!!!!! And make you lick that big bone all day long!!!!

        • Mr.Conservative

          Look “Goat Fucker” or is that liberal goat fucker. It would sure make me feel great if I could give you a bad name but I would doubt a basement dweller like you didn’t already already has a bad name. Now why don’t you return to the basement and keep chewing the crotch out of your mommies panties. Goat fucker if I could give you anything I would make sure you had your own safe place. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8e66ee213f02c000763f1fe6c95fe32f2490756d4870743bba7290546716ef1f.jpg

          • goat34

            Lol. Pussies like you are a dime a dozen. Hide behind that keyboard and try to intimidate people. You’re probably one of those Antifa cross dressing bitches that spend their night sucking dick and getting fucked in the ass!!! Eat shit!!!

    • January8Forever

      He was attacked first which made him panic. Antifa is to blame.

      • Joanne Zysk

        Guess again. He was ALREADY speeding into the crowd. Slowing the video and clipping it to make it appear different doesn’t change the reality of what he did.



        • January8Forever

          #Fail. That’s an obvious hack job. It is clear he was driving slowly until an Antifa fascist thug struck the back of his car. Antifa was to blame for her death.

          • rev0lver

            Do any of you drive cars? In what situation do you think it’s safe to go down a street filled with people at that kind of speed? By the way, the adjacent streets were pretty open.

            He ran into the crowd less than a second after his car was struck. If he had any intention of stopping he would’ve braked MUCH earlier with the speed he was going. It’s likely the guy smacked his car with something because he was clearly about to drive into the crowd

          • January8Forever

            He was moving very slowly until the Antifa thug struck the back of his car with a bat or club. I don’t know if he panicked after that but I would have.

          • rev0lver

            Why would everyone nearby the cameraman be turning around to watch a guy driving down the street “very slowly”?

            He looked to be going about 25-30 minimum. The crash happened less than a second after the guy hit his car with something. If he was trying to stop before he hit the crowd, he would’ve been slowing down well before the part when the guy hit it with something.

          • January8Forever

            Not true. He was stopped when the Antifa thug struck his car.

            He’s innocent until proven guilty. The truth will come out at his trial.

          • rev0lver

            Literally nothing in the video shows him as being stopped. I don’t know if you’ve ever driven or seen a moving car in real life if you think this as true. What’s your reasoning for everyone stopping to turn around at a slowly moving car stopping before a crowd?

            I haven’t seen any sources on the speed, so I actually decided to look into it myself. Fields covers roughly 210 feet from the start of the video to the point where he hit the crowd, over about 5 seconds. That’s about 28 mph

          • January8Forever

            It’s clear he was nearly stopped when his car was struck.

          • rev0lver

            So why was his car still moving when it was struck? (hint: it’s because it wasn’t stopped)

            His brake lights weren’t on. The videos show this pretty clearly. One mentioned in the article tries to show a “brake light” for a split second, but only on one side, meaning it’s a reflection or something else.

            By the way, if he DID stop (which, again, is extremely clear he didn’t in the video), he mathematically would’ve been going much faster than the 28 mph I mentioned. He would’ve been slamming on his brakes and then slamming on the accelerator. It would be even more obvious if that were the case.

            Let me explain the scenario you’re presuming, and think about if this makes sense –

            A neo nazi just happens to be driving toward a crowd of counter-protesters. Everyone walking up the street turns in shock to watch him, even though he’s doing nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe they’ve never seen a car before and are in awe of new technology. Moments before he hits the crowd, his brake lights experience a weird technical malfunction as he breaks the laws of physics and slows to a near-stop without it being visibly apparent. Someone smacks the back of his car with a stick, and he has a fear response where, rather than backing up a mostly-empty street to leave the situation, he accelerates his magical car into the crowd.

            Or a neo nazi ran his car into a group of anti nazis out of malice.

            At that point, either you make multiple mental leaps to believe what you want to be true, or you’re just trolling.

          • January8Forever

            No, YOU are trolling. You weren’t there. You don’t know what happened.

          • rev0lver

            I wasn’t there, but we have a video of it

          • January8Forever

            It’s not definitive, regardless of your desperate attempts.

          • It sure af is being presented as being definitive. And the class A/V geek even drew pictures and everything! How helpful! I admire his photoshop prowess. I’m jealous of your powers of observation! I feel so inferior. I guess that’s because I’m a disabled woman. Who is disabled because some asshole failed to yield the right of way and hit me with his fucking car.

          • January8Forever

            Were you rioting in the middle of the street?

          • Did I say I was there? I was clearly commenting on the video. Work on your reading skills. You can use the pictures, too. Maybe that’ll help.

          • January8Forever

            The truth will come out in court. You don’t know what he was thinking. Only a troll would pretend otherwise.

          • rev0lver

            What isn’t definitive about it? Can you also explain the people running out of the way of the car before someone struck it? Are they running to the sidewalks as some sort of track&field warmup?
            How much more evidence could there possibly be to show this was intentional?

          • January8Forever

            Neither you nor I knows what was going on in his mind, and if you were honest you would admit it. It will be sorted out in court.

          • rev0lver

            Literally the only possible way someone could be innocent in this scenario (unless he pleads insanity) is a medical episode that prevented him from stopping. When he happened to be on the opposition to the crowd he hit, and when he happened to be going down the street filled with protesters as opposed to the many adjacent streets.

            Unless you are actually trolling, this is about as open and shut as a guy pulling out a gun and shooting someone in the head on video.

          • January8Forever

            The guy was on meds for mental illness. It’s possible he had some kind of physical/medical event. We won’t know until his case goes to court. Unless you are actually trolling, you have to admit you just don’t know.

          • The Deplorable Rosenmops

            But if he had wanted to kill people wouldn’t he have driven up on the sidewalk?

          • rev0lver

            Why? The crowd was covering both the street and the sidewalk. The sidewalk also looks like it had parking signs obstructing it

          • So, first he was stopped. Now he was “nearly” stopped. Keep watching it again and again and eventually you’ll work your way to the truth. He purposely drove into a crowd of people who had done nothing to him until he approached the crowd. He didn’t stop until he slammed into a car that was stopped. After he killed somebody. Or maybe he didn’t kill her until he finally remembered his car had one of those new-dangled reverse gears and decided to plow into more people who WERE attacking his car. You know, because he’d just intentionally driven into a crowd trying to kill people.

          • January8Forever

            You don’t know what he was thinking. The truth will come out in court.

          • Vassiliki

            Those adjacent streets you mentioned are bricked with big flower pots in the middle and no sidewalks. The street that he is driving on is blacktop except at the intersection where it is bricked. It seems that those side streets you mentioned are for pedestrians only. A local would know better.

          • rev0lver

            Looking at the aerials again, you are right. But it’s not like he couldn’t go a few streets over to get to wherever he was going, if his intention was just to get to a destination. The main road out of that area looks to be only a couple blocks east of there. 4th is a small, one-way street that ends shortly after the area of the crash.

          • Vassiliki

            So how did he know that this street was blocked with protesters till he came up to it?

          • rev0lver

            Maybe he didn’t, but for one thing, as an out-of-towner it’s a little suspicious why he would even be going down this street that doesn’t lead anywhere. And the big crowd down the street would tell him he needs to get out and take an alternate route.

        • bonees f

          These children are allowed to rage without consequence while sane people and police stand by. They have no knowledge or critical thinking skills, and many are nothing more than anarchists. But they just pushed a guy who either is as much of an anarchist as they are or he snapped, who knows. But this time there were consequences. Everyone is tired of the lies that its non-violent. The antifa are manipulated by the only real fascists, the liberals and progressives.

          • Antifa are denounced by the left, just as the alt-right are being denounced by Republicans with consciences. And you might want to learn the definition of fascist.

          • bonees f

            So I assume “Republicans with consciences” does not include Trump in your view? Trump disavowed WS again and again. Except he said “but” and then spoke the truth about how this all played out.

            Fascism at its root includes the idea of agree & conform or be destroyed. That’s the mindset Hillary was coming from when she made the called her opposition deplorables.

            I have not heard anyone on the left denounce antifa. Instead they’ve been treated as heroes who stood up to the WS.

          • He DID NOT disavow them again and again. And you haven’t read the many posts I’ve put out there calling for the left, my own people, to denounce, disavow, and distance ourselves from Antifa. I even tweeted it. Several times. I’m not alone in that, by any stretch. As Trump DID say, this has been brewing for a long time, even before Obama.

            And Hillary has nothing to do with this. You people need to get over her and get with the program. God, she’s so deep into your guys’ crawlspaces you’ll probably never let her go. It’s almost like you’re afraid she’s going to come back! Sorry, but we’re working on getting people to run that you REALLY won’t be able to deal with.

          • bonees f

            I can respect that if you personally are calling for disavowing the antifa. Its good you see the reality of their violence and instigation. But there is a radical left interested in creating these events, dividing and pushing towards civil war. These are their attempts to take back the country and antifa is the tip of their spear. Who is funding these people to travel to these spots to agitate?

            Trump does not put up with being told how to think or speak. What he’s pushing back against is the media’s attempt to pigeonhole him into speaking as they want him to. Its inauthentic to call out a group who were not doing anything violent until agitated and not mention the agitators. We cheer that on, not because we are racist or support WS, its because we see what the media is trying to do and its so refreshing to see someone with the guts to not let them do it and to call them out for the dishonesty. Trump is not skilled at picking the perfect words but regular people know what he’s saying. The elites pick and parse his words and find ways to make them play offensive. Any then this soundbites take on a life of their own and half the people passing judgment on them didn’t even hear it first hand. Or they heard the bite without the context. Can you imagine what it would be like to be under that spotlight?

        • I don’t know which video is undoctored at this point. What I do know, is that the video was shot over two hours after the police shut the rally down. Why was antifa still rioting in the streets? What were they doing walking around with baseball bats and clubs? I’m curious, because I’m not used to seeing innocent bystanders rioting in the streets with clubs and bats.

        • Tony Greif

          Hahaha, 200 points ! …..get out of the street fuckers.

      • V “Gojyox”

        sound like he accelerated before gettign hit… not driving slow

        • January8Forever

          He accelerated right after his car was struck.

    • dirk gently

      If he was going forwards at an idle, brakes should not be necessary. Outside of crosswalks, VEHICLES have the right of way, not an armed mob of socialist retards.

      • goat34

        No idle there. He was doing about 25 or 30.

        • AshleyNicely ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ


        • Vsquared

          he was not doing 25 or 30, puh leeze- you must be watching CNNs sped up version who have him on death row before he’s even been tried- People want to tout the Constitution but obviously have no idea that it means freedom for ALL, and innocent until proven guilty, no matter your political stance.
          I highly doubt this young man got into his car that morning and intended on using it as a weapon to hurt people-
          I wonder if people with bats, bricks and tear gas got to the rally with intent of harming someone? Of course they did, wake up, You don’t yield to pedestrians who are hitting your car with a baseball bat- This may in fact have been set up anyway- by the Left, of course, so that once again, the RIght would be the bad guys,- This video shows all the false flag signs, https://youtu.be/13Wg9tNgyQQ

          • Kevinicus

            That video is stupid. Every single bit of it. Factually inaccurate. Please dismiss it in forming your opinion.

          • goat34

            You did see the person that flew OVER the car he hit, tight? Idling? BS!!!

          • rev0lver

            CNN’s sped up version? These videos were shared on twitter before anything was even shown on tv afaik. Why is everyone walking up the street, including the cameraman, turning around to see why someone’s going down this street at this speed?

          • Hey, c’mon. That thing had a hemi. 0-20 people in 1.2 seconds! 😢😡

          • Yeah, the left must have knocked him up, propped him in the seat of his car, and jammed down the accelerator with one of their bricks. Yeah, that’s what happened. Your honor, my client is INNOCENT!

      • Old Navy

        Wrong. Vehicles always have to yield to pedestrians, regardless of jaywalking or not. Try hitting a pedestrian with your car and claiming you had right of way. You can share a cell with Fields.

        • AshleyNicely ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

          He didn’t hit anyone until after he was attacked. Likely because he was white, a racist incident.

          • Old Navy

            Horsehit. He was there for a reason, he drove down that street for a reason.

          • Not A Sheeple

            Yeah, the reason being that it was a street legally available to drive down. Do you have any proof to suggest otherwise, or that the street was closed off to traffic?

          • Old Navy

            Another one who seems to believe pedestrians are legal to run over if they are on the street.

          • Ya know, when you get your license you enter into a contract that you will operate your vehicle in a safe manner. Driving into a crowd of people is, to put it mildly, reckless. Reckless endangerment. In fact, it could be argued (and likely will be, at his trial for murder) that he approached that crowd with murderous intent. There is no way to justify what he did. Doing so makes you as sick as he is.

          • Not A Sheeple

            Driving down a street and having your vehicle attacked, panicking, and hitting a vehicle and people due to the first action of a protester attacking his vehicle will not have him being found guilty of murder. How are they going to prove “murderous intent”? I watched the video prior to knowing anything about it, and saw the protester strike the vehicle first. I didn’t know what side the protester was on, nor the driver. I looked at the incident in an objective manner looking only at what the video showed and made my assessment based upon that observation. If you have something to show me that would make me change my mind, please do so. If I were on the jury and he was charged with murder and the evidence was the video, he would walk, even though I find his views to be repulsive.

          • Old Navy

            He was driving down a street full of pedestrians toward a crowd, one protester hit his car as he passed. His intent was clear.
            “Well, I’ve always been for lynching, and I was there and I tied his hands and put the noose on his neck. But I heard a loud noise and panicked, I swatted the horse and he accidentally got lynched.”

          • Kevinicus

            You know there were other cars there too (in fact, that is what probably caused the most damage to his vehicle)?

            Did the crowd have a right to be there in traffic like that? Doubtful.

          • Old Navy

            What is your point? That he had the right of way, so pedestrians are fair game?

          • Kevinicus

            The point is that the road was not closed to traffic, so him going down it does not indicate his intent. What was the intent of the other cars?

          • Old Navy

            No, going down the road by itself does not show his intent. Posting racist comments, adopting Nazi beliefs, and making violent threats DO show intent, and will hang him in the end.

          • No, the horse panicked, so clearly he’s not guilty! 😢These people are nuts! And sick.

          • Old Navy

            I saw one who said it was her fault for attacking his car and scaring him!
            They will believe anything..no doubt typical jury pool..

          • He should have been afraid. She was clearly a danger to society and should have been taken off the streets. On a stretcher. With a sheet covering her from head to toe. 😢😢😡 Yea! Points for their side. Said their fearless leader, Christopher Cantwell. Who is now sobbing like a baby because he fears for his life. And is still proud of his little warrior for scoring “points” for their team.

            I pity the poor public defender who gets stuck with this monster.

          • His vehicle wasn’t hit until he headed towards a crowd of hundreds of people. Who the fuck does that?

        • Not A Sheeple

          Wrong, I hit a guy in my truck many years ago as I was driving through a green light. He ran across the street on a red light and he connected with my side mirror. He was lucky he was drunk. I took him to court for the damage to my truck and won.

          • rev0lver

            You likely won because you had a green light and a collision was not reasonably avoidable. You can’t legally run over a group of people (whether they have a right to be in the street or not) when you can clearly recognize their presence and have ample time to slow down.

          • Yeah, and those are the exact same circumstances here, right? Running into the side of a vehicle is not the same as being in a crowd of hundreds, walking slowly down a street and being struck full on by a car coming up behind you and aiming at you.

          • Not A Sheeple

            I didn’t claim they were the same circumstances. In fact, I clearly stated what my circumstances were to show that what Old Navy stated wasn’t true. My truck mirror struck a pedestrian, I claimed right of way, I sued him, I won case.

      • Aside from the fact that vehicles must STOP for any pedestrian (try driving through an intersection and slamming a pedestrian out of your way because he dared to finish crossing after the light turned green. Come back and let us know how that worked for ya.) he had to have known SOME of the people were in those crosswalks. And on the sidewalks. Are you seriously trying to justify what he did? Nobody IN THEIR RIGHT MIND is going to have any reasonable doubt about his intent and his actions. If he makes it to trial without having pled insanity, and he’s lucky he doesn’t get killed, he’s going to be convicted of murder two. And god help him if he told anybody ahead of time what he was going to do. That’s murder one and the death penalty. The Feds will prosecute him so it doesn’t even matter if VA has the death penalty. The Feds do.

      • If he was going forward at an idle, he wouldn’t have knocked people over like a cannonball knocking over bowling pins. And people wouldn’t have been knocked out of their tied shoes. Have you ever tried to kick off your sneakers without untying them first? It’s not that easy.

    • Chuck

      Wrong, in the video when he shifted into reverse he was already being surrounded. Guy with blue shirt was at his passenger door. Different people are in the shot that shows him braking. Not saying this guy is innocent but perhaps more to the story. Lots of unlawful things from all sides.

      • tiredofit

        If a lot of different footage of video does not turn up after the fact something is wrong because Antifa were the crowd by the vehicle and would have definitely been filming. Should there be very few videos I would have to wonder if the footage taken proved Antifa caused the problem. Feds need to get involved with an investigation of start to finish of this rally and punish both sides accordingly.

        • There ARE a lot of videos. Search Charlottesville on YouTube. They’re from different angles. This was a horrific attack from behind on helpless people who were peacefully walking down the street, AWAY from the previous conflict, just like the police told them to.

    • AshleyNicely ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      Why would he hit the brakes if he was driving slowly and then attacked from behind, as video 2 shows clearly? The photo with the brakes show that he did not intend to inflict damage to the people ahead of him, stopped his car, and went into reverse. This is not a murdering piece of crap, he hit a car from behind when there were plenty of pedestrians to either side had he desired to hit pedestrians instead. This guy should and will likely walk away from this situation.

      • VonFisch

        It looks to me he crashed into some people and a car in front of him and pinned some people before he went into reverse.

      • rev0lver

        He hit the brakes because it wouldn’t be possible to actually go through the crowd (especially with other cars there). If his intention was to mow people down and escape, his actions are exactly what he logically would’ve done.

        Do you drive a car? How would you expect to slow to a stop at his speed in under a second, especially with tons of people clearly in front of you the whole time?

      • Stopped his car and went into reverse AFTER mowing down a crowd of people. If you were going to try and hit people with your car, would you swerve and go for a couple of them on the sidewalk, which would likely end with you hitting a brick wall, or would you make it worth going to prison by going straight on at a large crowd?

        The videos show what happened. He made no attempt to slow as he approached that crowd. He wasn’t even slowing for the intersection he was approaching.

    • I thought I was the only one who saw that!

  • TexasVetgal

    The leftist Press wh0res don’t care about facts…they have their narrative firmly established.

    If Sessions even ‘suggests’ their were circumstances that drove Fields to hit the gas,….then they’ll attempt to try Sessions thru the media, as a racist with the same clap trap they tried to use to prevent his confirmation as AG.

    • *there
      Are you talking about Jefferson Secessions?

      • Sam Houston

        Soo phunny! Not

        • *funny

          • Sam Houston

            Who knew that asterisks were so comical?

  • GeeGee Conn

    Looks like someone “hit” him with a tshirt. Tough guy scared of a lil ole shirt.

    • Kevinicus

      That was a flag on a pole.

    • January8Forever

      Doubt if a “tshirt” caused the big dent on his back fender.

      • tiredofit

        T-shirt stuffed with something heavy?

    • dirk gently

      And what caused the front windshield to be half destroyed?
      Was that a t-shirt, you lying pile of goat excrement.

      • Old Navy

        That was probably from a body he smashed into on purpose, moron.

        • But he was slowing down. The bodies should have been in a nice pile on the ground. Like when a snowplow clears the street! 😢😡💔🚑

  • Troy

    Regardless, if he is a nazi, he should burn in hell

    • Radical Rodent

      That’s a… er… very Nazi comment. Socialism has killed far more than the Nazis ever did. Perhaps it was the “wrong” sort of Nazism, of course…

  • Freebird
    • rock ranger

      southern hospitality!!

  • GPfister

    Don’t know if this was intentional or not, however, here are some points that I will make;

    1. I was told at a young age, don’t play in the street when cars are driving
    2. Get out of the way of a moving car
    3. A car can kill much more efficiently than a firearm
    4. If you use a weapon, or even threaten anyone that places them in reasonable fear of their life, that person now has the RIGHT to protect themselves through the use of escalation of force, including lethal.

    Since the street was open to vehicular traffic, I will side with any vehicle over a pedestrian (who’s not in a cross walk), carrying bat’s and club’s.

    Reminds me of the idiot’s on I-95 in downtown Richmond, who received a lesson in the power of a 2,000 lb vehicle driving 50 MPH, who attempted to stop traffic because they felt that they had the RIGHT to infringe upon others.

    Let it be known, I have a 5,000 lb vehicle and have two special needs, young children. If you attempt to threaten me, my children, or the vehicle of which we are in, I will utilize whatever force I DEEM NECESSARY in defense against you.

    BTW: I HATE all racist, no matter what skin color or clothes they have on. I also HATE socialist and tyrannants. Take whatever drugs you want, whatever brew, as long as you don’t harm me or my family, I don’t care. I will fight for your rights as long as you respect mine. I may not invited to dinner the purple hair, bolt through the nose, butt crack hanging out, attention crying, immature child, however, I gave an oath to defend their right to be stupid. I gave an oath to all the Constitution, not just the parts that I like. It would make me a hypocrite and a liar to do otherwise.

    • Maybe you shouldn’t take your children on a scenic drive through a crowd of protestors. It’s not like he couldn’t see them from down the block. You know, back where the street was empty and he could have turned RIGHT if he wanted to. I don’t think he went down there planning to do what he did. Or maybe he did plan it, after seeing it happen in Paris and London. Maybe he just decided to do it when he was going through the empty intersection. Whatever. But when he approached that crowd in a vehicle, he sure as fuck knew what he was doing. The other vehicles on that street weren’t attacked. The crowd was parting and walking around them. So, yeah, IT WAS INTENTIONAL.

      • Sam Houston

        Downtown areas, even in small towns, are notoriously one-way and no left or right turns. This motorist had 100% legal right to drive on that street. The antifa protest rally was unlawful and unconstitutional.

        • Rosen Otter

          He couldn’t have driven down the street anyway, due to the laws of physics. he struck two cars which were in front of him. The exclusionary rule was in effect. He just hadn’t expected to hit someting hard enough to stop his car.

          • Piling up people in front of his car woul have stopped him! And he got some real damage from hitting a few people at a slow rate of speed. One witness Heather Heyer was trying to get but there were too many people scrambling to get out of the way, and she was kinda stuck behind them The witness said she was unaible to get out of the way so she was between the two cars until he backed away. You could see shoes on the ground (including a guy who usually wears flip-flops. People weren’t kicking their sneakers off. They got hit so hard they literally were knocked out of their shoes!

            Given that he may have panic, I don’t think his fight or flight instinct was fight. But I doubt instinctwabb Ritchie?

          • Sam Houston

            And you have his statement to verify that assumption?

          • Rosen Otter

            Why assume a neo-nazi will tell the truth?

          • Eddie Babcock

            So know we don’t believe people based on their affiliations. Do you understand how dangerous what you just said was? That same mindset enacted the Jim Crow laws of the south and other racist actions you ignorant scumbag. Only you decide who’s right huh you racist garbage heap!

          • Rosen Otter

            Er, after World War 2, you may recall, we didn’t allow avowed Nazis to do many things that non-nazis could do. We even hanged a bunch of them.

            Sorry, comparing discrimination against nazis to Jim Crow is sort of offensive.

          • Eddie Babcock

            It’s called discrimination! You don’t get to decide! You just don’t do it!!! Hello!!!

          • Rosen Otter

            The last time we trusted Nazis, we had a world war. Thankyewverymuch.

          • Eddie Babcock

            “Trusted the nazis” it’s gonna take a while for me to explain to you how and why we entered WW11. Did The nazis tell us the Japanese were not going to hit Pearl Harbor or something? I’m confused? Didn’t think we ever trusted nazis

          • Eddie Babcock

            Words cannot express how stupid and dangerous you are! nazis are going around killing people like nazi Germany right? Only left fascist thugs are out in the streets burning cars, sucker punching minority conservatives, stabbing police horses, beating women with sticks and clubs, throwing urine and feces at police officers, shooting police, shooting congressmen, causing mayhem like the scumbags they and you are. My grandfather fought nazis in WW11 and my grandmother said he would never let anyone disrespect his flag, look at you sh$t stains. You look like 2 yr olds crying over bullshit you made up in you’re head.

          • Eddie Babcock

            Don’t ever compare yourself to a patriot that actually fought real nazis. You probably couldn’t fight your way out of your moms basement!

          • Eddie Babcock

            You thugs sucker punch, outnumber and jump your victims. Not heroic!!!

          • Eddie Babcock

            Same reason why we assume a communist will tell the truth. You know we fought wars against communist also? Right?

      • GPfister


        Re: “Maybe you shouldn’t take your children…” – So now you assert that a bunch of people who are in the process of breaking the law should dictate where I go? That’s not going to happen.

        • So you would slam your car, with your kids in it, into a crowd of people who were “breaking the law” by *gasp* JAYWALKING? Holy fuck. You people are sick. Maybe your kids would be better off in a foster home than being led by your example.

          • aes sidhe

            They weren’t jaywalking, dumbass. They were assaulting other people’s vehicles using bats and anything else they could get their hands on to cause damage. How can you be that freaking ignorant to not know the difference?

          • Prove it. In that video they were PEACEFULLY walking down the street and walking around other vehicles. Which they would have done for him, too. Did you see them attacking other vehicles? Did you see any damage on those vehicles? Did you see any credible reports that they damaged those vehicles?

          • GPfister

            RE: “So you would slam your car….” – Only if threatened or prevented me from egress. You claim that the ONLY crime is jaywalking, however, preventing people from going about their day is unlawful detention.

            Now, lets say that the air conditioning went out in my car at the time of this event, then the childish protesters attempted to prevent me from going down that street. This creates a lethal situation because one of my children is a cardiac patient that must be kept cool.

            Your ignorance, stupidity, selfishness, and immaturity is what causes people to be in lethal situations. You don’t care about anyone but yourself and because of that, you place others in real fear of their lives.

            Again, you carry a bat / club, or other lethal device and walk down the street claiming “peaceful protest”, I’m going to think different and respond accordingly.

      • Michael Patrick Wood

        It was intentional? That explains the brake lights prior to his car being surrounded. I’n not so sure. The loss of life is tragic. Let’s wait for the WHOLE investigation before we pull out our crystal balls.

        • But he wasn’t surrounded until after he’d slammed into the crowd, and the car in front of him! And almost crushed a guy (who admittedly was one of the guys who surrounded the car) when he backed up and at least the one guy was between his car and the black truck. Hopefully he’ll go to trial instead of pleading out, so we do learn what he was thinking!

      • always amazed

        Maybe he was already there before the animals arrived and wanted to leave.

    • Sam Houston

      Wholeheartedly agree. And may I add to that, there are plenty of instances where the driver of a car, being attacked, made the deadly mistake of getting boxed in or stopping long enough to get their window bashed in, door opened, and dragged out to be slaughtered.

      • PickurBrain

        Reginald Denny, Los Angelos riots. Got pulled out his Semi truck and bashed in the head with bricks!

        • Joensanford

          Reginald wins the 20th century prize for his amazing display of restraint.

        • Sam Houston

          Uh, that was a Hollywood movie. Just goes to show that you have every right to plow down these animals. Do you know if any of those basterds were ever convicted? And the lying arse fake media only showed the HIGHLY edited and truncated clips. Never remember the reporter in the helicopter saying anything like that, especially that they “we just took a round”.

  • kerston
  • kerston
  • Old Navy

    You are right. He should be charged with misdemeanor assault, and allowed to serve his time in the general prison population.
    Then he can learn exactly how non-superior he is.

  • GrannyG

    Where is video of him hitting the car in front of him? Seems it was more than a fender bender when his bumper is hanging and the car in front has a smashed rear end. And if he didn’t hit anyone before being “attacked”, why are all those people laying on the ground before he backs up. When the van in front stopped at the stop sign and people were crossing the street, maybe he shouldn’t of tried to push two vehicles out of the way.

    • AshleyNicely ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

      The people on the ground were hit by the Dodge, but only after he was attacked by the guy swinging from behind. Then he either panicked and hit the accelerator in fear, or instinctively tried to get out of there; he plowed into the car ahead, probably looking backward at his attacker; either way, its a chain accident after he was hit. Once he hit the other car, people jumped to conclusions and attacked his car, he hit reverse and shot out of there, hitting others. He may be sacrificed to the mob by a liberal court in a liberal state, but he should not be charged with anything. Castle law protects him. And under assault, he has every right to leave the scene of the accident.

      • Even if he was panicked, he had plenty of time to stop IF HE WANTED TO. Funny, the other cars in and near the intersection weren’t attacked. Oh, that’s right. Because they weren’t driving into a crowd of people!

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  • AshleyNicely ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Ah, the sweet smell of MSM and the leftists rush to judgment. This poor guy was at the wrong place at the wrong time, as was the girl who was killed, but it seems to me that the attack on the car from the rear before the accident exonerates the driver of all responsibility, just like a chain accident would. The guy swing at the car in the opening video is the real criminal.

    • He certainly bears some responsibility in my opinion. After he hit the car and it sped off the shorts guy is left standing there with his hand up to his head like,
      “oh f— what have I done??’

    • maz2331

      Indeed. In any case of self-defense, all collateral damage to third parties falls to the original aggressor.

  • AshleyNicely ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    One thing is clear. If he had murderous intent, and wanted to kill as many people as possible, that muscle car could have been going 65 over the course of the first video. It wasn’t, he wasn’t accelerating. 60 miles an hour is 88 feet a second, he would have covered the distance in the video in about a second or so. He couldn’t have been going much more than 15 when he was struck. That throws doubt into the whole murder thing.

    • Derique Anders

      Actually, official statements from Charlottesville have confirmed that he was speeding. https://twitter.com/cvillecityhall?lang=en

    • So, 15 MPH won’t get you murder two when you drive into a crowd? Got it. I’ll have to remember it next time there’s a parade in town.

  • Vsquared

    People want to tout the Constitution but obviously have no idea that it means freedom for ALL, and innocent until proven guilty, no matter your political stance.
    I highly doubt this young man got into his car that morning and intended on using it as a weapon to hurt people-
    I wonder if people with bats, bricks and tear gas got to the rally with intent of harming someone? Of course they did, wake up, You don’t yield to pedestrians who are hitting your car with a baseball bat- This may in fact have been set up anyway- by the Left, of course, so that once again, the RIght would be the bad guys,- This video shows all the false flag signs, https://youtu.be/13Wg9tNgyQQ

  • dshield55

    He might be able to dodge man slaughter too. Ultimately, the lady who died, was not where she was legally allowed to be. It’s not his fault she was blocking his escape path. Although I’m confident she was not a violent person, she was part of a violent crowd.

    If you shoot somebody in self-defense, but hit an innocent bystander, the manslaughter charges can’t be escaped. In this instance though, I think it’s different for the sole reason that she was not where she was allowed to be and was part of what had already been deemed an unlawful assembly.

    • Some of those people were on the sidewalk. And they were leaving the area after the police ordered them to.

    • maz2331

      Actually, if you shoot in self-defense and hit someone else, a felony murder charge goes to the person who caused you to have to fire, and you are not liable.

  • jim marcum

    I think all these people should lose their welfare and snap.

    • You mean all the alt-right punks who are being fired from their jobs? I totally agree with you.

  • Joensanford

    What exactly would be the acceptable protocol if you are surrounded by rioters, while you are in your car and they begin bashing your car and yelling threats? Do you let yourself be Reginald Denny’d? I remember in the Miami riots, the rioters pulled people out of their cars, beat them, and threw them back into their burning cars.

    • The ACCEPTABLE protocol would have been, well, you actually would have TWO choices, rather than ramming your car into the backs of a large crowd of people peacefully walking down a street after being told by police to leave another area.
      1) When you see the crowd from over a block away, you can slowly drive behind the crowd, at a safe distance. You know, like the law requires.
      2) Instead of driving through the previous, EMPTY intersection, you could have turned off that street onto the empty street you chose to cross, instead.

      Would YOU have driven into the crowd? Seriously. Would you?

      • aes sidhe

        You really need to do society a favor and to kill yourself. Seriously, this level of sheer stupidity be kept well away from sane people.

      • Tony Greif

        “Peacefully walking down the street” …..because that’s what you do, walk down the middle of STREET intended for VEHICLES, carrying bats, clubs, and bricks…peacefully. Damn, you are a dumb fuck, go play in traffic with the rest of your idiot friends.

        • Did you see the video? At that time they WERE walking peacefully down the street, with their backs to the fucking coward. And what were they supposed to do with their stuff, drop it in the street? Sure, they were walking down the street, but they were parting to let vehicles through. Did they attack those other people? No. They were trying to stop a killer. He’s probably lucky he got away with his sorry life.

      • Joensanford

        No, I mean surrounded and trapped. It was an honest question. Your answer said a lot more about you than me.

        • I stand by that answer. You asked what the protocol would be. I responded with how to avoid that situation.

          Still, would you put yourself in that situation? It’s a serious question.

          Reginald Denny had no idea what was going on. The poor guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time. There’s no excuse for what that crowd did to him. There would have been no excuse if anybody in that crowd had attacked him if he wasn’t speeding down the street and into a crowd. I think the guy who first hit his car did so because the car was speeding and he wanted him to stop before hitting the crowd. Or the car came too close to him. I’ve had cars do that to me when I was crossing outside stores, and I was in the middle of the marked crosswalk. I’ve punched a couple of them. No damage, but it always gets the driver’s attention. So I understand the first strike. I doubt if that would have happened if the guy was just barely moving like the other cars. And he certainly wouldn’t have been attacked like that afterwards, if he hadn’t mowed those people down.

  • StraitlacedMissouri

    So the 19 people injured by this car didn’t happen to be hanging from it rolling off with bats, bricks and pepper spray?

    • You mean the ones who went after the guy AFTER he slammed into the crowd, leaving many injured and a young mother of two fighting for her very life? A fight she lost? 😥

      Yeah, that sicko is a real, fine, American patriot, isn’t he? We should all strive to be a hero like he is. 😡🖕

      • StraitlacedMissouri

        No but if he really had wanted to kill people he would have done it. He killed one person.

        • He tried to kill others. There was another car in his way. And you don’t get that kind of damage on the front end unless you are driving pretty fast.

          • StraitlacedMissouri

            Nope. If he was trying to kill people he would have swerved up on the sidewalks. It was an obvious mistake made by a frightened man.

          • Why would he swerve onto the sidewalk, risking hitting a brick building, when there were hundreds of people in front of him, easier targets?

          • StraitlacedMissouri

            There were not hundreds of people in front of him. Did you watch the videos? There were vehicles in front of him.

  • Derique Anders

    You do realize that the area of the road from which he came was basically empty, right? In other words, there was no one there to provoke him before he began speeding towards the crowd. In addition to that, he was quite a distance away from the protesters when he started barrelling towards him, and that one protester only hit his car after he started charging the crowd. There have even been police reports that he hit a few bystanders before he reached the crowd. By the way, there was also an official statement from a Charlottesville spokeswoman that confirmed that he was speeding, which would imply that it was always his intention to hit the crowd. Congratulations on promoting fake news, genius. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CizUK70_yQo, https://twitter.com/cvillecityhall?lang=en

  • Derique Anders

    You do realize that the area of the road from which he came was
    basically empty, right? In other words, there was no one there to
    provoke him before he began speeding towards the crowd. In addition to
    that, he was quite a distance away from the protesters when he started
    barrelling towards them, and that one protester only hit his car after he
    started charging the crowd. By the way, there was
    also an official statement from a Charlottesville spokeswoman that
    confirmed that he was speeding, which would imply that it was always his
    intention to hit the crowd. Congratulations on promoting fake news,
    genius.https://twitter.com/cvillecityhall?lang=en, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CizUK70_yQo

  • Derique Anders
  • Derique Anders

    (LOL) There were even people trying to get out of the way before he hit them. How brainwashed are you morons? He clearly did this unprovoked.

  • Derique Anders
  • Derique Anders

    Incidentally, Fields has a history of violence, so please tell us again how he’s not a malicious man.

    • Oh, he’s not violent. All he did was smack his mother around a couple of times. She’s a woman She deserved it. 🙄

  • So, I guess his reverse gear didn’t work until after he struck at least twenty people, killing one and severely injuring others? He should get that looked at.

  • Derique Anders

    You retards do realize that Fields is going the same speed before and after that one protester smacks the car, right?

  • Derique Anders

    Actually, I know that I’ve been commenting a lot on this, but one more thing: suppose that in spite of his very clear intentions and history of Nazi sympathy, Fields actually didn’t intend to hit those people and that he panicked when his car was “attacked” by a single protester with a bag. If he didn’t mean to do this, then why hasn’t he shown any remorse as of yet? Why hasn’t he publicly apologized to the victims’ families?

    • Well, playing the devil’s advocate, his lawyer probably told him not to. That would be used against him as an admission of guilt.

  • Sam Houston

    Why won’t anyone think about the car? Poor car. Just innocently going about its daily task when some pussyhat throws a tantrum and hits it in the backside with a bat.

  • Sage_on_the_Hudson

    The first video is in slow motion; at normal speed it shows that
    Fields’s car was going at a high enough rate of speed to maim and kill.

    The bicyclist in it can hardly be expected to react as the car passes.

    The marchers in the photo are seen scattering madly, which is wildly inconsistent with any claims that Field’s car was moving slowly.

    The brake lights that the photo caption says came on are not visible in the first, second and third videos. Why is that? Perhaps because the brake lights in the photo were added via Photoshop.

    As with ordinary car accidents, the damage to the two vehicles will tell a nearly incontrovertible tale. The back of the car Fields’s car struck was badly crumpled from the impact, and Fields’s car’s front bumper was torn off by that impact; measurement of the two correlated with data from NHTSA and Insurance Institute crash tests will be able to determine the force generated by the impact, and how fast Fields’s car was moving. Frame blow-ups and photos also allow for measurement of how far bodies of those struck by the car flew on impact. After interviewing the victims and gathering their various body weights, and having the weight of Fields’s car as a constant, forensic investigators will be able to determine with great precision how fast it was traveling at impact.

    This article is just a skein of lies to absolve Fields and the ideology to which he subscribes of blame, liability and intent. Only a sucker might fall for it, and it’s certain no jury will. Fields is going to prison for much of the rest of his miserable life, and the movement he has now come to represent will bear that Mark of Cain in the minds of the electorate and posterity.

    • Rick1213

      The Challenger was going normal speed, (about 25 mph).
      It is my understanding that Dodge front bumpers are designed to crumple easily in an accident.
      Also none of the airbags in the Dodge Challenger deployed!.
      Either they were disconnected or he wasn’t going very fast.

  • Tyler Mittan

    This is an incredibly weak defense. Sad!

  • Robert A

    Some of your statements are inaccurate and 1 thing I would point out is the damage to the front of his car is evident before he was attacked by the mob and on the left side of the vehicle someone is already laying in the road. The 2nd part of your error is stating the reverse lights went on after the rear window was struck, that is wrong. I can clearly see in the video the reverse lights went on before the attacker hit the car.

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  • Cugger

    This proves or disproves nothing.

  • Stanley Lucas

    I don’t like either group and I have no great love for James Fields. That said, take a look away from the vehicle he is driving and look at the people on the sides. A lot of them are carrying bats and clubs. Yes, when he was first driving down that street a few people were on the sidewalks, walking and acting peaceful. He fairly quickly ran into the mob down the street.

    The street is narrow with no place to turn around. By the time he realizes he is in a danger zone it’s too late, his vehicle comes under attack. The crowd obscures his view and he presumes to try to drive through it, not realizing there are other vehicles not moving sitting in the street ( Were they attacked too, with their drivers having fled? why are they stationary? ).

    Why didn’t he stop and then back up if he couldn’t turn around? Driving backwards at anything but a really slow speed is difficult and dangerous and he was probably concerned with hitting someone.

    The enraged mob then comes at him with their bats and clubs and attacks his car further. If this group had peaceful intentions, why are they carrying bats and clubs?

    If all he wanted to do was to mow down some counter-protesters, it would have been a lot easier to go for the people on the sidewalk than go for the mob down the street.

    I think he felt his life was in danger, he panicked, and unfortunately a lot of people got hurt and that poor woman got killed. If you want to be safe, don’t become part of a group that is carrying bats and clubs and primed for violence even if you are not carrying yourself.

  • winmatt53

    Antifa must be declared terrorists!!!

  • Ardent Hollings

    Did Field’s vehicle actually hit the woman or did he hit another car that struck and killed the woman? I heard from other sources that Field’s car never hit the woman but had hit another car that hit Heather. I have seen videoclips of people bashing Field’s rear and front windshield with baseball bats. I have not seen a videoclip of Heather being hit.

  • Zeek

    Stop calling the violent rioters “counter-protestors.”

  • If this is true, and it looks like it, then they should make a self defense case.

  • Tony Kandy

    SAVE this page and video … It was taken DOWN by YOUTUBE ! ! ! I saw it beforehand and went looking for it again… They were GONE with messages on the vids that they violated blah blah and were GONE

  • Victro La

    Judging by the speed he hit the cars it seems pretty reasonable he proceeded intentionally. However it it possible that he didn’t know the roadway was intentionally blocked by the purple van. He may have thought the crowd would get out of the way. Which they were not obligated to do. which would reduce the charge to manslaughter… Also I would presume the aggressive car surfer is not the dead girl. But if it were then that would reduce the charge further

  • Rick1213

    There are many things in Fields’ favor.
    Fields was from out of town and didn’t know the streets.
    Once going down the street and seeing the protestors, he only had 2 choices, forward or reverse. (the sidestreets were blocked off).
    He had every right to be afraid, (being that leftists attack Trump supporters all the time).
    His car WAS attacked before he hit anybody.
    The people who were hit were illegally in the street.
    I foresee a trial in which the prosecution overcharges, the jury acquits and the leftists riot. LOL.

  • Chairm

    Comparison of images taken from videos of the Dodge Challenger driving toward the intersection of 4th and Water streets shows a distortation in the front windshield as seen through the rear window. That distortation does not alter as the vehicle moves forward. It appears to be damage to the windshield prior to the car crash at the bottom of the hill.

    The car did take a beating during the events of the car crash and during the immediate attack by the gang with clubs and other weapons.

    If the windshield was damaged before the crash events, that damage occured shortly after the same Dodge Challenger was videoed and seen farther west at an intersection on Water Street prior to the demonstrators reaching, en masse, the bottom of 4th Street were the crash occurred.

    Note that the demonstrators had been proceeding in a parade-like line, slowly, until being stopped for a couple of minutes at the intersection of 4th and Water streets; from there they were crowded together and funnelled uphil. During that pause, the Dodge Challenger had gone farther east along Water Street and made it north (route unknown) a few blocks above Water Street before returning westerly to 4th Street. Apparently the Dodge Challenger turned south onto 4th at some point north of Main Street (the Downtown Mall, paved with red bricks). There are only two ways through this downtown area — 2nd which runs north and 4th which runs south. All other streets running north or south are blocked for vehicular traffic and are pedestrian areas. So the Dodge could not have passed through the Downtown Mall via any other street southerly to Water Street.

    It seems that aforementioned damage to the windshield would have occured during the brief time between the Dodge Challenger driving past the 4th and Water intersection, along Water, and its arrival at 4th and Main. During that interim, the demonstrators had moved from 3rd and Waters to 4th and Waters, clumped up as a large crowd, and proceeded uphill inot 4th street (moving against the one-way street’s vehicular traffic’s direction).

    A van was at that intersection five minutes before the car crash events. The other two vehicles at the bottom of 4th arrived there during those five minutes. The Tundra pickup truck occupied a legitimate parking space. The softop Camry occupied a place behind the van. The van appeared to be moving very slowly prior to the crash, but its driver had gotten out and was standing in front of the van at the moment of impact. The Camry may have begun to roll, slowly, in response to the van’s movement, just prior to the Dodge Challenger crashing into its rearend. If the driver in the Camry had noticed the approach of the Dodge Challenger, and then responded to the movement of the van, that driver may have bumped into the van just before impact with the Dodge Challenger.

    The intersection was crowded, apparently intentionally, even though the bottom of 4th was occupied by three vehicles already.

    Other drivers were attacked by demonstrators during that morning’s activities in the streets a round downtown. It is not beyond plausibility that a lone individual, perhaps someone who had become recognizable to opponents, had come into violent conflict that damaged his vehicle — or threatened his safety — and he was confusedly driving around to 1) evade attacks, 2) navigate his way out of downtown (as an out-of-towner unfamiliar with the streets), and 3) to arrive at a destination such as a restaurant or hotel or other lodgings.

    When viewing images and videos of the Dodge Challenger, note the distortion on the passenger side of the windshield and judge for yourself. That appears to be damage that had occured prior to the crash events; the windshield also was damaged during those events and subsequently in the immediate attacks. There is a cannister shaped object that seems to be stuck on the front of the Dodge Challenger — just below the windshield and at the crack where the hood hinges over the wipers. This object may be a projectile dropped from above and onto the windwshield.

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