New York Democrats Propose Banning Archery and Air Rifle Sports to Promote Gun Control


There isn’t a day that goes by that Democrats take a break from voicing their distaste for the second amendment in guns in general, but a recent proposal in New York trying to ban all school shooting sports, including Airsoft Clubs and archery teams, is taking it a bit too far. 

According to the bill’s sponsor, Linda Rosenthal, a Manhattan Democratic Assemblywoman:

“Schools should not be supporting the spread of gun culture in society”… “If parents want their children to have shooting instruction, there are opportunities that have nothing to do with the school.”

NYS Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal of the 67th Assembly District-wikipedia

Rosenthal says she introduced her bill after reports that Nikolas Cruz, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooter, learned his gun skills through the school’s JROTC program, ignoring the fact that  JROTC Cadets at the school were the ones who lost their lives by throwing themselves in front of the shooter to save other students. An excellent video by the Daily Caller covers this more extensively:

Although Rosenthal believes that these Sports and games should be banned at schools for their breeding of ‘violence’, maybe the proposal has more to do with the general disdain Democrats hold for the NRA, as $17,000 of NRA money from 2010 to 2016 went to programs in New York Schools, according to the NY Daily News

In an Article published by Time, a 19-year-old criminal justice major at the University of Mississippi describes her experience on the air rifile team that “earned her three New York state high school shooting championships, a berth in the Junior Olympics, and even recruitment to a college rifle team.” She goes onto state: “It’s an amazing sport. It’s not popular like soccer or tennis. But it changed my life… I can’t see my life without it.”

Interestingly enough, In New York, Air Riflery is a very female-dominated sport, with girls winning 19 of the last 31 state championships, so you’d think Democrats would be rallying behind it under the banner of feminism or women’s empowerment, but according to the new proposal by Rosenthal, this sport would be outlawed as well.

This proposal will affect thousands of kids by taking away their sports and hobbies, but as of now has yet to reach a vote. We are talking about New York though, would you really be surprised?