In their never ending quest to make the world one giant safe space. Liberal thinkers have started a new crusade to ban a long standing evil practice that they claim can lead to those dreaded “hurt feelings”. This long standing evil we must now work to eradicate for the common good? The concept of having a best friend. This particular brand of Social Justice madness having even already found its way as high as affecting the British royal family. You know those same ones who were just recently told to stop having epidemic and flood causing White babies?

The school the young prince is now attending being just once such learning institution which has adopted the recent trend of banning “besties”. Instead of allowing meaningful personal relationships to develop, the school instead encourages students to form bonds with everyone. Less anyone without a close friend feel excluded. It’s the ultimate example of having over 1,000 Facebook “friends”, but nobody you really know. Only this time, it’s being officially forced on you. The schools push to prevent any close friendships from forming even includes placing limitations on Birthday parties. With parents informed that unless their child is inviting his entire class to the party, invites cannot be given out on school grounds.

No Friends Allowed For This Young Royal

Unsurprisingly this trend is only being applauded in mainstream Liberal circles. Including by popular Women’s magazine Marie Claire, which wrote, “While the idea of stopping the children from having best friends sounds unusual, the idea behind it is actually very kind and inclusive.” Don’t think for a second though this practice is limited to just the UK, even if it did first gain popularity there. The trend of banning best friends has in fact been growing steadily for years in schools worldwide, and is certainly making its presence known in America as well. 

While advocates argue that having a larger friends group leads to more well-adjusted adults. Many critics of this argument believe that we are basically just making a whole new generation of infantilized adults without basic coping skills. As it’s only by dealing with some forms of mild social exclusion when we are young, that helps us become more resilient capable adults later on in life. The hard scientific evidence as well supports the fact this practice is not to the betterment of us all. With a number of studies confirming that best friends create long term value for people throughout their lives. Including a study released by the scientific journal Child Development, which states “people with best friends enjoyed better mental health well into adulthood.” The same study even found that kids without best friends tended “to grow up with higher rates of social anxiety than kids with smaller numbers of closer friends.”

All that science has perhaps unsurprisingly, not stopped some schools from going so far as to intentionally break up best friends by placing them in different classes to in their eyes encourage a more open inclusive environment. In a world where Collectivist based diversity appears increasingly to be king, a sort of Individualist practice like having a single best friend is clearly not to be tolerated. Even when all research indicates that such friendships could be possibly vital for a person’s long term mental health in a society where teens and adults consistently report feeling lonelier than ever before.


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