On November 11th, Private Sector Arms published a video to their YouTube channel titled, “ANTIFA WANNABE”. For Don Teague, the owner, it started out as just a normal day. As Don was getting ready to take pictures of his guns, an unusual costumer arrived on the scene. Dressed in all black, and not at all having the intention to actually buy anything, the situation quickly became confrontational.

“You wouldn’t sell anything illegal would you?” The Antifa member known as Alexander Harris asked. “Of course not.” Replied Don. “I’m a law abiding citizen, aren’t you?” Alexander avoided eye contact as much as possible. “We’re all law abiding in our own ways.” In our own ways… Look buddy, either you’re obeying the law, or you’re not. There is no grey area here.

Fat Antifa member can’t even look Don in the eye

Up until this moment, although things were definitely a bit awkward, nothing was confrontational. Nothing that is, until this happened:

“You don’t even know what kikes are? Jews.” Don remained collective, although he was a bit taken back by his statement. “Jews? I mean, I would sell to Jews, sure.” “Really?” It raised its painted on eyebrow. “That’s really funny, I’m surprised you don’t hate them because of this shit.” He referred to the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag hanging outside, saying it was a “Nazi flag”. After Don reminded him that the flag was not a Nazi symbol, Alexander proceeded to make his way over to the free Bibles that were neatly placed on a shelf.

“These are free?!” The Antifa member exclaimed. “You can read it, burn it, do whatever you want with it.” The owner replied calmly. “Really? That’s actually nice of you, because I would burn it.” Later Don clarified what he meant by his statement.

Guess I was just trying to take the wind out of its sail. She seemed to lazy to find a place to burn them and I figured he would actually have to walk down the street with a handful of Bibles. I suppose it would have been worth it if they read anything that hit home.

Being considerate, Don used every pronoun in one statement. Can’t be offended now right?

The Antifa member proceeded to take as many Bibles as he/she could carry, continuing on with the same Nazi accusations. “You’re welcome to leave”. Don Teague still spoke peacefully and without hostility. After a brief moment of still asking the person to leave, it finally left. However, the encounter was far from over.

Alexander picked up the Bibles, and began throwing them with force at the store and on to the roof, cracking the window slightly. Don did the right thing; he kept on recording and he called the police. When asked about what gender the perpetrator was, he answered with “I don’t know.”

Alexander entered the store once again, saying that since Don told him he could do whatever he wanted with those Bibles, then he could throw them on the roof. He reasoned that his actions were justified, because he still thought that the flags hanging outside were Nazi flags. “If they’re not Nazi, I don’t know what they are.” he whined and complained several times, making himself look like a fool. Don, who was still on the phone with the police is recorded saying, “You’re being violent, and I’m asking you to leave. I was totally polite to you, and now you’re engaging in combative acts. It’s ridiculous. If you wanna go read them, fine. But you can’t take them and throw them at a place of business.”     

When the police arrived, they had Alexander sign a Trespass warning, and said that if he ever showed his face there again, he would be sent to jail. Though they said no official crime was committed, Don Teague will likely never see the Antifa wannabe ever again.

Finally, when Don inquired as to the gender of the Antifa member, they replied by saying, “It identifies as a male.” Priceless. Don Teague is a prime example of a true patriot; he spoke softly, but was passionate and never backed down.

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