Trump has been talking a lot about Honduras, the wall, and ridiculous amounts of illegals entering our country as of late. But recently, a Twitter user by the name of Samantha Jacquart shared the story of a woman who fled Honduras and entered our country illegally due to some pretty “rough” circumstances. The post reads:

“This is Susana González. She was was part of the caravan from Honduras. She escaped Honduras because of starvation and lack of work. She is the first person of the caravan to be granted Asylum.”

She then posted a picture of the lucky refuge who was supposedly starving to death in her country.

Ummm what? This woman doesn’t look like she’s starving. As one person put it, “I’m not being mean, but she wasn’t being starved. She doesn’t look she missed too many meals.”   

Samantha added, 

“After being granted asylum from a California Immigration Judge, she entered El Paso, Texas from Juarez, Mexico. She will be united with her sister who escaped Honduras in 2015.”

This woman is refusing to return to her country because she can’t keep a job and she can’t get enough food. Why does she think that being this big is okay? At this rate, as many Twitter users pointed out, she’s probably taking food from people who actually need it. How does she just get to slip by our borders, get a free pass, and live on easy street? 

People were outraged at Susana González and her entitled behavior, here are a few of the comments: 

“Starvation??? I know of places where children are really starving and exactly NONE of them look as “healthy” as Susana here…”

“I think it’s a safe wager that no basic lab work ever confirmed starvation on this person.”

“Oh! So she ate the caravan. Wondered where the rest went and why she looks so plump!!”

“She could live off her body for well over a year, she’s insanely well fed, times ticking for deportation.”

“They’ve hired her to be the Border Wall.”

This woman walked a thousand or so miles and she still looks like this? What did she look like before? I understand the “no work to be found” part, but starvation? This woman got asylum for such petty reasons, and not a single person in the mainstream media is up in arms. We have a corrupt system that gives the sun and the moon to entitled brats who have never known real suffering. Something has to change.