Anyone familiar with the term Gamergate or the modern state of gaming in general, probably knows of the continued controversy regarding people pushing their politics into games, and even more so into game journalism. Today though one bold former New York Times and now Vice reporter, has dared take this to the next level. Publishing an article attacking the popular new video game Middle-Earth: Shadow of War on the grounds that its depiction of “Orc Slavery” is something we should seriously take offense at.

For those unfamiliar, an Orc is a fictional humanoid fantasy creature. Similar to goblins in nature, the creatures were originally created in their modern variant in the works of Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien. So yes, this Vice reporter Matthew Gault is seriously complaining about the rights of a made up race of monsters being violated in a video game. Who needs parody, when we have modern game journalists?

So you can better understand what we are dealing with here, some choice quotes from the article in question are below.

“The orcs remember things, hold grudges, and react to your leadership accordingly. In most games, this would be fun, but in Shadow of War, the orcs’ AI and personalities are so vivid that it’s also an emotional burden. I’m serious. I feel bad about Talion’s—and by extension my—treatment of the orcs.

“These orcs aren’t your typical video game NPC cannon fodder. They have backstories, passions, and conflicts among themselves. They’re so well rendered that I’ve become deeply uncomfortable playing the game.

“He and his wraith companion talk about the orcs as if they were discussing brood mares and racing horses. They compare their relative traits, discuss what might make a good slave—I mean soldier—and then constantly belittle orc culture. I mean, they’re orcs. They eat people, cause chaos, and murder their own, but that doesn’t stop me from empathizing with them.

So let’s stop there for a moment and take that last bit in. Matthew just told us that he can’t help but still empathize with a race that eats people, causes chaos, and murders their own kind. No wonder the Regressive Left is so determined to empathize with the worst of humanity, the kind who minus the cannibalism hopefully, behave pretty much like Orcs. This bleeding heart illogical empathy for all living creatures, regardless of whether or not they deserve such empathy is exactly what is leading to the slow decline of the Western world.

One group that seemed to instantly recognize this insanity of Matthew’s argument were the users over on 4chans politically incorrect board. A group that oddly enough had some time ago started making jokes comparing Lord of the Rings style Orcs to the migrant hoards descending onto Europe. At the time, the boards efforts to make the Orc to Refugee comparison catch on, didn’t quite work joining the ranks of other failed plots. Now though in the wake of this article seemingly defending “Orc Rights” it would seem as if this lone leftist journalist has validated a years’ worth of failed memes. With images like the ones above being tweeted at the author and spread online almost immediately. Some fresh content targeting the specific article was even created for the occasion as well.


While as per usual, the creations of /pol/ users is certainly amusing. The release of this article as anything other then intentional parody by a major publication like Vice, continues to raise real questions about the current status of games journalism and the industry at large. With liberal game journalists ever increasingly seemingly at odds with their largely more conservative readers. It’s no wonder that even the likes of Minecraft creator Markus Persson knows the truth.

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