Major University Holds “Privilege” Workshop Where Students Told Only Whites Can Be Racist And Worse


America’s Liberal University system is at it again. Hot off the heels of NYU accepting on the primary basis of her skin color a convicted child murderer. Now The Ohio State University has formally declared to its students that only White people are capable of being racist. This occurring just earlier this week at a special “privilege” workshop held for students on campus. Where the school worked to educate its White student body on recognizing their so called privilege. The workshop formally titled, “Interrupting Racism: Tips & Tools for White People” was just one part of an overall week long “Ally Week of Action” event series held by the school.

Attendees at the event were asked to discuss their White privilege with one young student stating, “As a white woman, I can walk into any space and know that my white privilege will grant me power and access to things that someone else is not going to experience.” Things got even more ridiculous though when a Black student asked Angie Wellman, the organizer of the event and associate director for the schools Multicultural Center, if only white people can be racist? Her answer will probably not surprise you, but may still disgust you. Angie not only confirmed to the students present that only White people can be racist but went even farther. Reportedly stating “that every race that is not White lacks the power aspect, which is why White people can’t be the victims of racism.”

The official event listing you can see here below did openly inform students that while “all are welcome, content will focus on skill building amongst white identified people.” Meaning in theory the non-White students that did attend did so only to watch their fellow White classmates bend over in self-abasement.

Other bits of Social Justice Warrior level silliness at the workshop included attendees being requested to make sure they only address each other by their preferred gender pronouns. Another exercise had the group being asked to list examples of White culture. While some answers were to be expected such as perceived overexposure of White media figures, other answers were far stranger. With people listing things such as “being punctual” as somehow being inherently White only. More troubling is that the concept of “agreeing to disagree” was also seen as a White only characteristic. This perhaps explaining why many non-Whites these days seem to have such trouble with the Free Speech rights we have here in America.

Before leaving the workshop attendees were encouraged to sign a special “Week of Action” pledge. Those who then posted their pledge statement to Twitter under the #BuckeyeValues hashtag got a free T-Shirt. Here below are just a few of the examples of pledges thus far.

Perhaps due to the fact this is being pushed on a campus that just within this past year fell victim to an Islamic terror attack perpetuated by one of its own students. Not everyone is buying into the regressive left message being pushed by the school. As a quick scan of the #BuckeyeValues hashtag also led me to find some dissent among the ranks as well.

We cannot completely give up on America’s higher education system. To surrender that without a fight, is to give up our countries future to the forces of the regressive left agenda. This is why it’s more important then ever to call attention to ridiculousness of the kind that occurred here at OSU, and celebrate the people like Milo or Ben Shapiro. Who are still working to bring a little bit of sanity and even sometimes just a bit of fun back to the campus experience.


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