Mark Meechan, aka Count Dankula, aka the guy with the Nazi pug, had previously been convicted of posting a “grossly offensive” video which shown Meechan asking his apparent bigot dog what he thought about “gassing the Jews.” Since being convicted, Meechan worried that he would wrongfully be sentenced to time in jail; the video was a prank for his girlfriend and designed to be something unflattering. Meechan himself is not a Nazi, he’s a comedian. 

But today the sentencing has been decided: He will receive no jail time! 

The punishment for his terribly horrible “hate crime” remains at a fine of £800, but key supporters like free speech advocate Tommy Robinson are already raising the funds needed in order to pay off the debt. 

The Count, who remarkably still is allowed to post on Twitter (and still has his verification status) tweeted just after the court hearing:

“It’s days like this where edgi bois become edgy men. Don’t let your memes be dreams.”

He added that the liberal press began to gang up on him after the sentence had been given, swarming him with ridiculous questions: 

“Reporters swarmed me, wouldn’t let me pass. One guy shoves a mic in my face and says “Why is it funny to gas the Jews?” They must teach sneaky questions like that on journalism courses. Then as we are trying to get past, one of the cameramen on purpose tries to trip up Sue.” 

It might be time for him to change his Twitter bio, because he will no longer be going to jail over a joke. Social justice warriors are not content with the sentencing, however, as Sheriff Derek O’Carroll of Airdrie Sheriff Court complained to the Independent that “Meechan’s video was grossly offensive and that his girlfriend did not even subscribe to the video channel he posted it on.” So she had to be subscribed in order to see the video? This sheriff is clearly not understanding the modern society in which we live in. 

This is a victory for free speech, though any sort of punishment for this supposed “hate crime” is inconceivable, paying off big brother is a much better alternative than going to jail, especially when helpful allies are willing to raise the money to help pay off the debt. 

Perhaps freedom of speech can still be saved.