While as Americans we are regularly informed by both our media and politicians that we need to drop our deplorable racist tendencies and follow the example of our more enlightened European counterparts. A recent event in France has shown that maybe those across the pond aren’t really any more ready to fully embrace diversity culture then we are here. As it appears that for the past week European fans searching for information regarding the upcoming Marvel film Black Panther, were being informed that the French title of the film was actually, Planet of the Apes: SupremacyThis alternative title appearing on the French movie and ticket booking site Allocine. Just as Fandango usually appears for American based Google searches, Allocine is the standard for films in France. Unsurprisingly it wasn’t long before the company was overwhelmed by angry complaints about this not so politically correct title-swap. Amazingly, however, Allocine had to inform the outraged masses they could do little to fix the mistake, as it wasn’t them that caused it in the first place.

As despite being listed on their site, the problem was actually caused by an automatic Google algorithm that inputs the movie titles after a search. So just how did Google come to decide Black Panther was really the latest Planet of the Apes movie? According to the company, the film was the victim of what’s called a Google-Bomb. Where mischievous internet trolls place enough searches and links between two items that it convinces Google’s simplistic AI that they are related. In this case, it means enough French users were calling Black Panther a Planet of the Apes movie online, that it legitimately tricked Google’s system into believing it was. While the company has now since manually corrected the problem. The fact remains that for multiple days in France at least, the film had a rather interesting alternative title.

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