“Piss Trump” – Artist Reveals the Left is Still Not Over Trump Urine Fetish

piss trump

After the left revealed their deepest fantasies about President Trump in the infamous “Golden Shower” fan fiction, one artist is pushing the envelope to reveal just how naughty these fantasies really are.

Before leftists tried to force American citizens to fund their abortions, bake their cakes, and fund their genital mutilation, there was Piss Christ.

Piss Christ was the work of another unoriginal hack who created a stir of controversy in the 1980s. The piece features a photo of a plastic Christ on a crucifix submerged in the [obviously dehydrated] artist’s own urine, but it wasn’t the theme that shocked people.

Even in 1986, the world was no stranger to untalented edge-lords mocking Christianity. The public was outraged by Piss Christ because it was they who had to foot the bill for it. Andres Serrano had received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts for producing Piss Christ.

Artist James Kelsey (who looks suspiciously like Jeb Bush) has created his own attempt at meta-unoriginality. He mocks Christianity and President Trump while ripping off another artist. He nod’s to Serrano’s work with a bit of smut he titled Piss Trump- a photograph of a crucified toy Trump doll submerged in urine.

According to Willamette Week, Kelsey says “it’s not totally his intention for Piss Trump to be inflammatory.” He continued, “I want the unveiling to be a catharsis for us. Not another reason to express anger.”

To keep in step with even more hack artists, Kelsey is, of course, portraying Trump in the nude form. Readers will remember the nude Donald Trump statues that communists erected in New York City, Seattle, Cleveland, and Los Angeles. (The more I write this, the more weirded out I am by these people.)

To further his unoriginality, Kelsey portrays the Commander-in-Chief as a troll doll.

Admittedly, President Trump may be the greatest troll to have ever walked the face of the earth. He did, after all, meme his way into the presidency in what apparently began as revenge against Barack Obama, after the former president publicly mocked him.

But in their endearing ignorance of internet sub-culture, normie lefties don’t even quite grasp what “trolling” is, and they take a troll to be anyone who speaks their mind and disagrees with them.

And if you thought James Kelsey couldn’t be any more bland and unoriginal, boy were you wrong. While giving remarks prior to a show he held in June, he even managed to drop a reference to the color orange- a non-humorous insult that losers frequently make regarding Trump’s spray tan.

He said (to many guffaws I’m sure), “We do want yellow and orange to be the [clothing] color of choice of those attending.”

Well-played, guy-who-totally-isn’t-Jeb-Bush, well-played.