Well that was fast. It’s been less than 24 hours since the death of iconic American business man Hugh Hefner. That’s all the time it took however for the Social Justice Warrior brigade to light up the internet attacking the now dead old man. With the usual reliable subjects wasting no time getting their attack pieces ready targeting a man who actually championed many causes Liberals normally love, such as birth control and gay rights. Apparently though, this was not near enough for the modern ultra politically correct Regressive Left. With columns like Variety’s “Good Riddance to Hugh Hefner’s Sexual Revolution” appearing almost instantly upon news of his death being confirmed. As per usual, the SJW types on twitter were making their thoughts known as well.

Amazingly, but perhaps unsurprisingly. A few Leftist types even managed to somehow make this all about Trump.  

Regardless of your other thoughts on the man, he was importantly an unquestioning supporter of 1st Amendment based free speech rights in America. In a time where we now seem to have to fight tooth and nail every day to keep those rights. It’s not surprising the very people who would put new restrictions on free speech and ideas are condemning this now departed figure. But I suppose it was unreasonable to not expect this type of gleeful reaction from the the Anti-Porn Feminist crowd.


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