Police in Paris Allow Antifa to Destroy Buildings and Set Cars on Fire to ‘Avoid Casualties’


For normal human beings, capable of feeling and experiencing love, May Day is a day for flowers, and celebrating the coming of spring. For Anarcho-Communists and Antifa, It is workers day, aka a day for throwing bricks, smashing windows and causing chaos. This isn’t surprising after all, as May Day has communist roots going as far back as 1881 during a series of labor day protests in Chicago’s Haymarket Square, that started on May 1, and ended when a bomb exploded, killing 7 policemen. The police then opened fire on the crowd wounding 200 people and killing several people as well. This was known as the The Haymarket tragedy, and in commemoration of this affair, The International Socialist Conference declared that May 1 would be known as a ‘holiday for workers.’

It is no surprise then that yesterday, May 1st, protesters would take to the streets of France to throw bricks, destroy businesses, and chant ‘anti-fascist’ slogans while waving Soviet flags and anti-government banners. More than 1,200 protesters, mostly dressed in all black, gathered to the demonstration, and according to Paris police chief Michel Delpuech, more than 200 demonstrators have been arrested.

Hundreds of people took to social media to post the footage of the aftermath of the looting and vandalism done by these eternal 5-year-olds. In these videos there are scenes in which protesters smash the windows of multiple businesses, throw Molotov cocktails inside, and absolutely devastate the inside of a Mcdonalds.

There were also cars set on fire which resulted in heavy black smoke rising to the top of what appears to be apartment buildings.

The worst part of this is that French police essentially let this happen. According Reuters:

“David Le Bars, a police union official, told BFM TV that security services had decided to let the protesters smash things rather than engage them to avoid casualties on either side that could exacerbate tensions.”

Unfortunately, going about it this way sounds like that is letting these violent communists have exactly what they want. Reportedly, they will be stepping up their security next year.