Despite current rhetoric from many politicians and the liberal media, poll after poll indicates that most Americans are strongly against tearing down monuments to our past.  Believing it’s better to learn from our history, even the bad parts rather than erase it.  In fact in a recent survey done by the respected professional pollsters at Rasmussen Reports, found that only just a mere 19% of voters feel America “should erase symbols of its past history that are out of line with current sentiments.”  So why then are local governments all around the U.S. quickly bowing to a public pressure exerted by just a mere 19% of the population!

In fact an even more recent national survey indicated that 88% of American voters were directly opposed to calls for the removal of icons featuring Washington and Jefferson specifically.  What is terrifying however, is that a legitimate 7% of the population would actually prefer we remove all monuments honoring quite possibly the two most important Founding Fathers.  Monuments that include the likes of Mount Rushmore for example.  While that is certainly scary in its own right, more comforting is that when specifically asked whether it was better to try and learn from the wrongs of the past rather than to erase them, only a mere 4% believed it was better to erase.  A 4% though that does include the likes of last years Green Party VP candidate who would be all too glad to erase from history one of the greatest champions of free thinking and individual liberty the world has ever known. 

Sadly despite this overwhelming support for preserving our heritage and history, thanks to backing from prominent political figures like House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi the monuments just keep coming down across the nation.  Already even over 20 “problematic” statues or monuments have been removed in America in the past few weeks. With over another 20 currently under official “review” status, with proposals in place for removal.

We need to start standing up to this vocal minority who are determined to keep on treating the classic dystopian novel 1984 like an instruction manual. For as long as we remain silent, we are complicit in our world slowly being turned into something out of a page written by Mr. Orwell.Liked or hated this? Make sure to let me know at @Jack_Kenrick or on the Squawker FB at