A quick glance at site, www.standupamerican.com wouldn’t make most people think it was anything but what it looks like on the surface. A Conservative action platform focused on making companies pull back on their NFL sponsorship’s in the wake of the ongoing controversy of athletes taking a knee for the National Anthem. The idea of targeting sponsors to drive change is nothing new, and in fact is a rather popular tactic of the left even. With campaigns such as the George Soros funded “Corporate Backers of Hate”, targeting companies that allegedly profit from Trump’s “Hate Filled Agenda”. StandUpAmerican is actually being run by something even more infamous then George Soros however. That of those famed internet troublemakers over at 4chan.

While the official site describes themselves as being “a group of proud U.S. citizens who care about our nations future.” In fact StandUpAmerican was created by a 4chan user with some motives going far beyond just making the NFL change some policies.

Stating his plan with the site was to make it “appealing to normies.” He also made it clear he planned to “use the site to throw out heavy redpills”, once it had a large enough following. This being why the rather bare bones site is already filled with multiple ways for visitors to provide their emails. Emails that can later be used to send out mass 4chan approved redpill filled political propaganda mailers to as many patriotic American football fans as possible. 

Perhaps even more gutsy is that the site even dares ask for direct monetary donations. Stating “we have put a lot of time and effort into this cause, any suggestions or donations that can be made to keep our site running is greatly appreciated.” This of course ignoring the sites creator stating yesterday that he threw together the whole thing in just a couple of hours.

Other users on the board were more then happy to provide advice and suggestions to the creator per his request. Some took a more serious approach, warning that it was best to not go to extreme with the redpilling.

Others argued it was important to try and turn Black Americans against the league as well. Suggesting the platform be used to point out why there are no Black NFL team owners.

Some of course embraced the natural playful extremism that the site is known for. Suggesting the NFL boycott could be used as a starting ground for a New World Order.

Regardless of the success of this latest ruse. The creative miscreants over at 4chan’s Politically Incorrect board continue to impact our real world politics on an ever increasing basis. Only just this past week even they were formally accused of attempting to assist Far Right political parties in the recent German elections. As other avenues of free speech online continue to close down, the importance and thus influence of 4chan will likely only continue to rise.

Edit: Since publication of this column. 4chans battle against the NFL has taken another even more interesting turn. You can read about their use of Trans Rights fueled Liberal anger here.