Despite Reddit’s continued efforts to slowly turn into a full on Liberal echo chamber. It would appear there still remains enough actual free discourse on the popular social media platform to make some snowflakes uncomfortable. Which is why a number of easily triggered individuals have taken it upon themselves to create a new rival platform. One which openly declares its Left leaning political ideology, and is designed to be the ultimate online safe space for self declared Communists and Anarchists. 

Originally called Raddit, the site now dubbed Raddle, claims to give “people control over their own community.” On their own history page, they claim the site was built around the principles of “direct democracy and freedom of association.” Funny then that they also claim Raddle stands apart from other online communities in that it “will always have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to Fascist ideas and bigotry.” 

Do they not realize the irony in claiming to be a direct democracy and then actually operating the site more like an Authoritarian style dictatorship? With thought police constantly purging anyone guilty of alleged wrong think. Real control by the people and actual direct democracy would mean a hands off approach by moderators. Instead they are offering only even more power and control collected in the hands of a small selected few than the original site they are modeling themselves off of. Once again we are faced with the strange reality of self-described Liberals acting like Authoritarian minded Fascists, all in the name of somehow crushing Fascism. 

But of course, if you look just a little closer it quickly becomes clear that communist style Authoritarianism is exactly what the creators of the site do believe in. The author of the previously mentioned site history page even goes by the name KarlMarx. He also unsurprisingly moderates the Socialism, Communization, and LeftCommunism groups on the site. Despite claims that people will control their own communities, what Raddle really offers is simply just a safe space for economic Leftists, that don’t want the mental burden of being challenged on their beliefs or ideals online. 

The existence of Raddle though continues the odd trend of liberals breaking off online to create their own little safe space communities. The recent launch of the Black only Twitter alternative Blitter comes to mind in this regard. It would seem increasingly like those on the left are absolutely incapable of handling being around anyone who doesn’t think exactly like them. Despite the mainstream press often blaming Conservatives for the increased political extremism and partisanship currently ripping this nation apart. It’s usually those on the Right who are finding themselves forcefully kicked out of the conversation, where they were otherwise happy to debate and discuss differences in beliefs. It’s the left instead who continue to ban the actual exchange of ideas on places like college campuses, and when that fails, take to simply voluntarily removing themselves from the discussion. As we can see them doing here with sites like Raddle. 

Why this is actually important though all comes back to the culture war currently raging in the Western world over the concept of Free Speech. We live in a nation where the overwhelming majority still claim to believe that free speech rights should override concerns of hurt feelings. Despite this though only 28% of Americans currently believe they truly have Free Speech. Sites like Raddle who openly state, “our belief is that freedom from harm trumps freedom of speech,” work as a dangerous force in the world turning more and more people to this corrupted line of reasoning. 

If you aren’t challenged by ideas different to yours you cannot hope to grow as an individual. This concept that mere words can equate to a real harm that must be avoided at all cost is equally troubling. The freedom from harm that Raddle users wish to avoid isn’t dangerous to anything but the misguided ideals they hold, that might actually find themselves threatened if forced to engage with reality.

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