THE TRIANGLE OF DEATH IN BALTIMORE: Hundreds of Murders Happen Here



As of Tuesday, 129 citizens in Baltimore City, Maryland have been murdered, including nine in the recent week. Baltimore city’s homicide rate is now ranked number one in the United States surpassing cities such as New Orleans, St. Louis, and Detroit. Baltimore has deteriorated so quickly this year that the mayor has called on Federal Government agencies to restore order. According to WaPo, Baltimore’s homicide rate “is more than triple Washington’s rate and higher than the homicide rates in New Orleans and Chicago, two places that have become national symbols of gun violence”. 


Michael Snyder from ‘The Economic Collapse’ blog has summed up Baltimore in his latest article titled “Baltimore Has Become A Rotting, Decaying War Zone As A Raging Opioid Epidemic Eats Away At The City Like Cancer,” referred to as the ‘Triangle of Death’ – West Baltimore City – is a stark reminder if America doesn’t get her industry back, this is coming to a town near you.


Over the weekend, I conducted a random walk down Baltimore’s ‘Triangle of Death’. Armed with a drone and an Iphone, I was able to establish that the walk was not so random after all. There was a mysterious rhythm and you could feel the dark vibrations of a community forgotten since the peak of the American High (mid-1960s). Simply, Baltimore is part of a much larger national issue of economic devastation fueled by decades of globalism. It’s hard to imagine, but with Baltimore’s industry, she was once the greatest economic powerhouse in the world. Not so much anymore.

What I’m about to show you is a glimpse of economic reality and the end result of globalism. The mainstream media will not share with you because once more it doesn’t fit their narrative. Soros wants open borders and a globalized culture, and he uses the mainstream media to push his agenda.

I’ve done the heavy lifting to provide you this unique view. I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again: If America does not get her industry back, this economic and social devastation is coming to a town near you.