Just as many have predicted for some time now, the Authoritarian Regressive Left is finally moving forward with their censorship of major social media hubs online. Not content to already have semi control over the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon. Now Reddit as well seems to have fallen once and for all to this political based censorship. With some new rule changes made just today, clearly designed primarily as an excuse to target Right leaning communities on the platform.

As less than 24 ago site Admin LandOfLobsters made the below post, explaining what he called the upcoming tighter enforcement of existing rules against content that promotes “violent content.”

While it all might sound reasonable enough at first glance. These rule changes have already turned into little more than an excuse to tighten the grip of political censorship on the popular platform. With a clearly pre-planned large-scale purge of groups now already underway. The following communities being just some of those already banned at the time of writing.

/pol/, ActualJournalism, EuropeanNationalism

FarRight, NationalSocialism, WhitesAreCriminals

The banning of /pol/ in particular is interesting as it’s just the latest in a recent wave of clamping down on 4chan based groups online. Such as Twitter who just this past week shut down a popular /pol/ news based account. It would seem that the Regressive Left continues to see the spread of the sites influence as a real threat that must be dealt with quickly. After all even Democratic lawmakers have seemingly taken notice of the “problematic” free speech haven. 

Also troubling is that apparently simply identifying as a European Nationalist is inherently violent and unacceptable now according to Reddit Admins. Given the closure of EuropeanNationalism, it’s likely many other Nationalist or Identitarian oriented subs will be shut down as well in the coming days.

Obviously there are also the Fascist and Nazi related subs being targeted. While this might seem more reasonable at first to many, it’s important to keep in mind two things. That first being that the people who ran these groups, knew the rules of Reddit and tightly enforced them. In the comment section for this announcement, no one seemed able to cite even one example of a clear call to violence from these groups, there only justification for the ban ever just being that the groups were inherently violent based on their topic. 

This though brings us to the troubling double standard of enforcement being applied to this new rule. As the fact that many of these groups are clearly being closed not for actual rule breaking but just for being controversial and politically extreme, leads us to wonder why that standard doesn’t hold true for both sides. 

As if the site wanted to cleanse itself of all fringe political extremists, then why does it not also ban the equivalent groups on the left? If the far right is too much, why are far left groups like communist or socialism left standing? A quick look at socialism even, shows they proudly display a banner of mass murderer Che Guevara on their page, a man who often encouraged and participated in direct acts of violence. If NationalSocialism has been taken down simply for displaying an image of Hitler, then why doesn’t that apply to socialism and the likes of Che or Mao?

I suppose in the end we shouldn’t really be surprised by this move, as this is hardly the first time Reddit has made it known the site is unfriendly towards right leaning elements. As back in March of this year even, they very publicly banned the AltRight and AlternativeRight groups, accusing both boards of Doxxing. If you’re a long time reader you know though the Regressive Left has a long history of immediately banning conservatives for engaging in this practice, and then championing the same behavior when it’s done by their side.

What’s different this time round though, is that unlike previous at least open attempts of thought policing on Reddit. This wave of bans is being done intentionally in the shadows. As in an effort to not get the same amount of mainstream media attention and negative feedback from its own users previous purges had received, this rule change was not delivered site wide via the normal announcements page. Instead quietly going up in the not normally seen by many modnews group. The post itself also doesn’t even explicitly mention the purges, making no mention that banning’s based on the rule change had already begun.



The fact this is all being done in the shadows is why I ask you to share this story everywhere you can. People have a right to know when free speech is threatened in any shape or form. Censorship is never good, especially when done for political reasons. Free speech needs to be protected online, and as the 4th highest traffic site in the United States, and 8th in the world. Reddit is too widely used a platform to be allowed to turn into a leftist echo chamber. While in the end as a private company they will ultimately do what they want, we can at least ensure they are forced to be public and transparent in their political bias and silencing.

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