Finland is welcoming refugees with open arms. Fins and refugees combined for a protest in Helsinki, Finland in June 2017. After this rally was complete, a male refugee was caught on camera molesting a child while the mother watches without saying anything.

In this disturbing video, we can see the refugee grabbing the boy in the stroller by his groin or private parts. As this is happening, the child starts to scream. Afterwards, when the refugee is asked why he grabbed the boy’s groin, the refugee smiles at the video camera and sticks out his tongue.

It seems Fins better get used to Bacha Bazi, the act of boy-love widely practice in Middle Eastern countries such as Afghanistan as well as South Asian societies. Finland, like other European nations, has become complacent in challenging immigrant cultures that do not abide by societal rule of law, nor do they respect the established ethics and customs of the native people.

All over Europe, sexual assaults have been mostly reported as male on female assaults, but male on boy assaults have become epidemic. Often, these assaults are severe or brutal rapes or attacks.

In Pakistan, approximately 1.35 million street children are living victims of sexual abuse; i.e., 90% of Pakistan’s homeless population. One Pakistani bus driver sees nothing wrong with his systematic rape of young males, confessing to have penetrated at least 12. In a survey of 1,800 men, 2/3rds believed that boy-rape was not an immoral act.

This is the culture that those who propose open borders or other radical immigration policies are seeking to integrate into the Western world without proper assimilation. As many patriots, nationalists, and chauvinists continue to insist, some cultures are better than others. Cultures that are historically the product of Islamic social and moral teaching are more likely to introduce culturally repulsive acts into any society they integrate to (e.g. pederasty/boy-love). Instead of punching Nazis in the face, perhaps radical leftists should allocate their outrage towards an actual enemy: Islam and its morally reprehensible prophet Muhammed.