Reza Aslan: “White Christians Are a Dangerous Cult”



The man best known for eating human brains on CNN is trying to convince you that white, evangelicals are part of a dangerous, Trump worshipping, cult.

Reza Aslan, the Iranian born American Muslim, scholar and writer, seems to make a hobby out of stirring up fear and hatred against white, Christians.

His usual anti-white, anti-Christian, rhetoric was taken up a notch recently when he recorded an episode of Big Think Science in which he makes the case that evangelicals have abandoned their once Christian beliefs in order to follow President Trump who, according to Aslan, exhibits the behavior of a cult leader.

“81% of white, evangelicals voted for Donald Trump in the previous election.” he begins the episode in a grave and serious tone as if he were reporting on a heinous crime.

He goes on to explain that the figure is higher than the number of white, and he emphasises white, evangelicals who voted for George Bush, who was himself a white evangelical.

Aslan explains that this makes no sense to him and that Trump is in no way a Christian or a man Christians should want as their leader, hence there must be something mentally wrong with white, evangelicals.

Muslim Aslan makes a rousing speech about how, suddenly, all white evangelicals in America are mentally ill cult adherents because they don’t agree with his view of Trump.

In order to make his case Aslan launches into a string of lies. He claims Trump failed to mention a single verse in the Bible when asked to do so. This is false.

Donald Trump has correctly cited Bible passages many times since his run for President. When asked what part of the Bible influenced him, Trump had a response for the hosts at news radio WHAM-1180 in Rochester, New York, citing Exodus 21, “an eye for an eye.”

When Trump gave a speech a Liberty University he cited 2 Corinthians 3:17, however he took heat for stumbling over the wording.

At the end of his speech following the Las Vegas shooting, Trump closed by quoting Psalm 34:18, the list goes on and on.

Aslan continues the video by saying that normal, rational people have been trying to figure out why white, evangelicals voted for Trump – implying that those who voted for Trump aren’t normal or rational. Aslan appears to get angry has he launches into his explanation.

First, he blames white people. He claims that black evangelicals turned out for Trump in dramatically lower numbers, therefore the white evangelicals voted based on their race -based on their whiteness and at this point in the video he shakes his head a bit. Trust me, he never mentions that blacks voted for Obama to the tune of 90%+, but let’s move along.

So proving that eating brains doesn’t actually make you smarter -Aslan’s biggest claim is that white, evangelicals are racist. Next he claims that white evangelicals, again he emphasizes white, voted for Trump because he’s rich.

But where Aslan takes his monologue after the lies and anti-white vitriol is the truly scary part. He then claims that white evangelicals have begun to worship Trump and have turned into a cult.

Not only a cult but he warns his fellows liberals that when a cult is presented with what he calls “reality” from those resisting the cult -and here we can see he’s making a vague reference to the American SJWs who call themselves “the resistance” and who are opposed to Trump’s presidency – Aslan claims that these pro-Trump, cult members will become violent.

“When their cosmic ideas butt up against a failed leadership they tend to double down and that’s why I think we are in a very dangerous place as a country right now because the only thing more dangerous than a cult leader like Trump, is a martyred cult leader.” he concludes.

So, let’s break this down. According to Aslan white Evangelicals shouldn’t like Trump and the reasons he gives for this are simply factually incorrect. Then, because evangelicals still do like Trump, they must be a crazy cult. He can find no other explanation. Continuing on his path of logic he believes the “inevitable” impeachment of Trump will make these crazy, white, Christians violent.

So, Aslan is setting up a scenario where he is telling SJWs not only to go after Trump and try to impeach him but at the same time they must do something about this wild, deranged, cult of specifically white, Christians running around the country because they might suddenly get violent.

The facts however show that there is a violent religion running the streets of the US and they are bombing marathons,  shooting up Christmas partiesstorming military bases and planting bombs in high schools. This dangerous religion even flew two planes into the World Trade Towers and killed 3,000 American people, and it isn’t white and it is not Christian, it’s Muslim.

The same faith Mr. Aslan himself holds.