On Christmas Eve night, while most of us stayed inside with our families making rather merry, Antifa was outside in the cold protesting the right for anyone who’s not a liberal like them to exist.

Actually, they were there to protest the event known as “March For Jesus”. The march was organized by a group called Patriot Prayer whose leader is apparently a proud Trump supporter. During this event, however, something happened to one of the Antifa members. This strangely satisfying event is being labeled as “karma” partly due to the fact that the Antifa member in question was threatening to use a weapon against one of the marcher’s supporters. 

At the start of the video, (uploaded by RUPTLY) we first see a group of Antifa protesters huddling together and complaining. “You saw that flag right? With the cross on it? That’s a known white supremacist symbol! So them going around, pushing their Christianity on people who aren’t even necessarily Christian, their obsession with their holiday, their obsession with freedom of speech, marks that they wanna hurt people.” After this bizarre rant, the video cuts to a scene in which people of all different races are gathered together to dedicate the day to Jesus. Before that, we saw an African American child happily wearing a sign that read “Trust Jesus”. Wow! Just look at all the white supremacy in this event! 

“Communism. Will. Win. This is not a joke.” Spoke an Antifa protester into a megaphone. The group went on and on about the virtues of communism, and how everyone must be a one class society. After Antifa began to move over to a street corner, a group of people who were supposedly in support of March For Jesus approached Antifa. They laughed and said “you better run” as a few of the Antifa members inched away. 

There was a short confrontation before an Antifa member told one of the others to “ready their weapon”. In truth, all we could see in the video was a woman (or man, it honestly could have been either one) wearing a heavy coat and a handkerchief to cover his/her face and holding a mighty flashlight to protect themselves. 

It didn’t take long before the entire group decided to run away and cross the street saying “You can come get me if you want!” Just like that, a big red truck plowed through the man/woman in the black coat. Cheers erupted amongst the right-wingers and libertarians who watched the event unfold. Many of them saying things along the lines of “That’s what you get for threatening us with a weapon and being stupid.” 

This may be an unlikely hope, but perhaps Antifa learned their lesson and won’t try anything this foolish ever again.