Since the very opening day of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, the Hall of Presidents attraction has served to both entertain and educate visitors on the great leaders of this nation. First viewed by the public in 1971, the Hall of Presidents has since continually updated itself with America’s new leaders. In fact taking the time to engage in a recording session for the show has become something of a tradition for our new leaders in the past few decades. It was a tradition that for a time at least had seem threatened, as many had loudly voiced their opposition of Trump’s addition to the show.

Luckily cooler heads prevailed inside the House of Mouse, and today the Hall of Presidents reopened after a long refurbishment with a new show, this time featuring the likeness of our 45th Commander in Chief. It has been a long road to get here. One filled with so many false media reports claiming that Disney was planning on keeping the show closed for good in order to avoid political controversy, that it even prompted the company to release an official statement earlier this year just to shut these false rumors down. Judge for yourself how Disney did in creating a respectful robotic version of our President, in this video clip below.

While the new show has only been open since this morning, that hasn’t prevented the usual Liberal trolls from taking to the internet to express their displeasure over this move by Disney. Seemingly distraught that the company didn’t bow to the demands of numerous online petitions like this one, calling for Robo-Trump to be silenced. Below, just a few prime examples of the saltiness being displayed by the Left this morning.

Of course that is not to say the President didn’t also have his defenders.

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