It’s hard to get through the Halloween season without hearing the words Cultural Appropriation these days. With every “Progressive” site online throwing up some type of warning article, in an effort to help steer people away from any potentially “offensive” costume choices. Combine that with the continued calls to stop women from wearing patriarchy supporting sexy costumes, and it almost seems like the Regressive Left is determined to take all the fun out of Halloween.

To combat those efforts I have collected below a list of my top ten culturally appropriated sexy halloween Costumes. All of which come complete with handy links of where you can purchase these costumes for yourself, or a like minded female friend.

10. Japanese Geisha Geisha Adult CostumeTrigger your feminist friends with a professional submissive woman. 

09. Eskimo BeautyEskimo Kisses Adult CostumeSomething tells me actual Eskimo women don’t ever show this much skin.

08. Mexican BartenderSexy Shooter Adult CostumeWe all know they do like to drink after all.

07. Exotic Goddess Exotic Goddess Adult Costume


Racial insensitivity and religious blasphemy all rolled up into one! 

06. Islamic Harem Princess Harem Princess Adult Costume

Because nothing screams feminist equality like a Muslim sex slave! 

05. Egyptian GoddessEgyptian Goddess Costume, Egyptian Cleopatra Costume, Adult Egyptian CostumeCleopatra was blonde right? 

04. Indian Princess

Well it’s one kind of “Indian” at least.

03. Day of the Dead DollDia De Los Beauty Costume, Day of the Dead Doll Costume

Remember Día de Muertos is a very serious holiday for honoring the dead. 

02. Asian PersuasionAsian Persuasion Adult Costume


I am sure this is just how normal Japanese women dress daily.

01. Sexy Mexican FlagMexico Flag Dress Adult Costume

This girl definitely looks Mexican all right. 

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