CNN tried to push a narrative on us, but they ended up debunking their own theory.  

As with any tragic event, first comes the sadness, then comes the outrage and demand for “gun control now.” After that argument is worn out (and sometimes even before) mainstream media always comes out and tries to say “Oh, he wasn’t Muslim” or “Oh, he’s a white supremacist.” In Nikolas Cruz’ case, he was incorrectly labeled by several news outlets (even Breitbart) as being a white supremacist with ties to a group known as the Republic of Florida. ADL first spread the rumor on Twitter by posting the following: 

“BREAKING: Nikolas Cruz, alleged perpetrator in the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, was associated with white supremacist group Republic of Florida & participated in the group’s training exercises, according to the group’s leader. More info:” 

Once the AP picked it up, several other news outlets followed in their footsteps without first checking to see if it was actually true. When they found out the whole thing was made up, that Nikolas Cruz was never in a white supremacist organization, Breitbart was one of the first to go back and right their wrongs. The ADL, of course, is barely retracting their statement, putting a short little disclaimer hidden in the weeds of their fake news. Meanwhile, CNN refuses to report the facts is currently still doing all they can to hang on to the idea that Cruz is the most racist human being to ever roam the earth. In their article titled, “Exclusive: Group chat messages show school shooter obsessed with race, violence and guns” CNN describes how Cruz posted a lot about race; saying the n-word, claiming that Jews own the world, and using a lot of inflammatory language. So here’s CNN, using the dialogue of every single edgy wannabe teen on the planet to prove a narrative.  

They also claimed to be mind readers in saying, “He talked about killing Mexicans, keeping black people in chains and cutting their necks. The statements were not made in jest.

But CNN’s claim of white supremacy backfired in a way they never intended: Nikolas Cruz is in no way a “pure Aryan”, he’s actually half Jewish and CNN has it right there in their article. 

During one of the anti-Semitic rants in the chat, Cruz spoke of his birth mother, saying, “My real mom was a Jew. I am glad I never met her.”  

In Jewish culture, if your father or anyone on your father’s side is a Jew, you aren’t considered to be “one of them.” However, if one’s mother is of Jewish descent, then he or she would be considered Jewish. The argument that Nikolas Cruz is “an evil white man” is no longer valid. 

You can’t really be a white supremacist if you’re a Jew, and joining any sort of white identity group is out of the question. CNN debunked their own theory without even realizing it, yet even now they’re still sticking with the “he’s a white supremacist alt-right nazi Jew hater” theory. As with any time they’ve been called out for their absolute ridiculous notions, they ignore the voices of reason and move on to another liberal agenda.