While the mainstream press continues its week long celebration over the efforts of Logan Smith aka @YesYoureRacist.  Quietly in the background it would seem as if the lead organizer of the Charlottesville Witch Hunt might have suffered a pretty major setback.  If you aren’t familiar with the Witch Hunt attempting to out and publicly shame all attendees of last weekend’s rally, or why it’s actually bad for all of us.  Then please go here and read my breakdown on the topic, which covers the ongoing efforts of @YesYoureRacist to ruin as many lives as he can.

Since the launch of his little campaign, the man behind the @YesYoureRacist account Logan Smith, has been showered in attention and praise by mainstream liberal media outlets.  Here is an article from just yesterday by NBC News that also features footage from a TV interview he did with MSNBC yesterday as well.  Time and NPR have also written pieces largely praising his efforts in the past few days, efforts that need I remind you have cost people their jobs, schooling, families, and even ended up accidentally targeting non rally goers as well.

What the press hasn’t been covering at all in this story though, is the fact that for the past week Twitter, Patreon, and Facebook have all actively been giving a platform to this man who is blatantly violating all of their community and policy guidelines. Collecting and putting up personal information for the purpose of harassment is supposed to be THE crime on all those platforms.  As of yesterday morning however, all three of the big three social media giants were seemingly silent on the topic, because of course this was a liberal on a crusade against “the bad guys.”

However, since the time of writing the original story on the topic one of these platforms has suddenly seemingly reversed course on the issue.  While it doesn’t seem to have been reported yet by any of the mainstream press outlets, and no official comments have been made by any of the involved parties.  At some point overnight Patreon seems to have suddenly realized they had a man on their platform collecting money explicitly to pursue a hate driven harassment campaign against thousands of Americans.

Patreon famously recently got lots of attention when it banned the account of popular provocateur Lauren Southern, on the grounds her actions supporting an anti-refugee boat operation may “get people killed.”  While that was a dubious claim as neither Lauren nor any of the others involved in the operation ever made open calls advocating violence of any type.  Patreon took a stance saying they were going to take a hard line to anything that could even potentially cause harm to others.  As they are a private company and decide their own rules, they certainly retain that right.  They also still though have a responsibility to be consistent with their own self declared rules.

You can’t ban Lauren southern, and then allow a platform to someone openly calling for violence.  Especially when his Patreon was much more clearly being used to pay for operations firmly not in line with Patreon’s community guidelines.  This is an account that posted the following.

Then on the same day posted a link to his Patreon asking for money to “create problems” for other people.

As mentioned in a rare bit of positive news. Patreon seems to have suddenly decided to address this hypocrisy and banned the account in question. As going to the www.patreon.com/yesyoureracist page now simply brings up this screen.

Since this turn of events both the @YesYoureRacist and Logans personal @LoganJames accounts have gone uncharacteristically quite. While I am sure a response is forthcoming, likely throwing blame at the, as he has called them before “anime nazis at 4chan.”  This is an important victory for the concept of fair play at the social media tech giants.  No one should feel like they are treated differently on Facebook, or Twitter, or Patreon just because of their political leanings.  More importantly you shouldn’t be exempt from the rules just because you’re on the left.

So with Patreon down, it’s time for Twitter and Facebook to follow suit. Remember to tweet out to Twitter CEO @Jack asking why he is still giving this Witch Hunt a platform even when Patreon isn’t.  Or better yet pick any of the accounts many abusive rule breaking tweets and report it as harmful via twitters official tools for just that purpose.  Once Mr. Logan no longer has his Twitter or Patreon platform maybe then we can turn ours eyes to Facebook and have Jennifer Lawrence banned as well.

While this is a pleasant small victory for reasonability, I want to end this by restating once more why this is an actual important issue. We cannot stand idly by and allow America to turn into a place where diverse political thought and the right to express it is repressed.  Witch Hunts like these, whether they target the left or right are not a good idea, and lead us all into a dark future. The internet has become and needs to remain a platform for free speech of all types, and right now that means preventing it from only becoming a free speech platform for a specific ideology.


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