Sharia Creep Made Its Way To The Cover Of Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year


Sharia Creep is defined as “the slow, deliberate and methodical advance of Islamic law (Sharia) in non– Muslim countries.” In this year’s Person Of The Year, hosted of course by Time Magazine, a suspicious but perhaps a good point was made regarding the hint of Islamic culture on the cover of the magazine.

As you can see in the picture below, all of the women are dressed in black, and all of them are basically covered from head to toe. Minus the women with slightly exposed chests, covered and in black clothing is a common theme in some Islamic cultures.

Most people rolled their eyes at Time’s choice for Person Of The Year, noting that this is not a person, these are people. Person Of The Year is supposed to be… Well, a person. Yesterday on Twitter, however, a far more sinister point was made. Oddly enough, this discovery was made during a meme contest.

MILLION DOLLAR MEME💰 CHALLENGE By let some chicks have his MAN Of The YEAR award to show his greatness. never asked you YOUR CHOICE and this is your chance. We RT the BEST🏆 WINNER gets autograph✍🏻 JUDGE:

A picture of the original cover was then placed beside a blank cover, giving the contestants a chance to make their own.

This is where things got interesting. One user by the name of AliceReloaded created her cover and Tweeted it out, saying:

The Time Magazine cover practically put them in bu.rkas; I added the h;jabs. All the sex scandals create a “crisis” which can’t go to waste, as the left says. I wrote the subliminal message Time’s Cover sends on my meme in case it wasn’t clear. ⚠️Shar;a creep is in the USA

The user who uploaded the meme tried to censor some of the words they used to describe the entry, as not to anger the Twitter gods during the Twitter purge.

Many users, especially ones who affiliate more on the right side of the political spectrum and not actual feminists, noted that the original cover sets women back 100 years or more. It was the feminists who remained silent about the discovery, choosing instead to focus on the fact that “this empowers women and encourages them to step out from the shadows and tell the truth”. But how does this really empower women? Sure, if someone did an unspeakable act, tell someone. Don’t let anyone get away with it. But what about the false accusations? Those who falsely cry rape are now known as liars, attention seekers, whiners, and weak. The choice of clothing on this cover also fails to empower women.

I have to agree with this observation. This is the infamous Sharia creep at work, and it’s definitely not an American value.

What is your take on this? Is this an incorrect observation, or is there more truth hidden in this than you’re comfortable with? Let’s have a conversation.

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