Shots Fired Near Site of Anti-White Church Shooting; Community on Edge Following Waffle House Shooting


Antioch, TN. Shots rang out this morning in the woods behind the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch as both local and federal authorities continue to search for Travis Reinking, the 29-year-old suspect in the Waffle House shooting which killed 4 people in Tennessee early Sunday morning.

ATF were using Burnette Chapel Church of Christ as a staging area Monday morning. Witnesses report SWAT trucks positioned in the parking lot and rapid gunfire coming from the woods nearby.

Early reports feared the gunshots may be linked to the manhunt currently underway in the Nashville, TN area since the suspect is believed to be hiding out in the woods but a recent update claimed the shots were unrelated and that they may have come from a nearby gun range.

For those who may not recall, Burnette Chapel Church of Christ was the scene of a horrific Muslim, black power shooting in September of last year in which a Muslim, Sudanese, immigrant shot and killed, Melanie Crow Smith, a white, 38-year-old, mother of two small children.

The killer, Emanuel Kidega Samson, entered the church on September 24, 2017, during Sunday services, and began randomly shooting the white churchgoers. The pastor, Joey Spann, his wife and four others were shot.

A parishioner, Robert Engle, struggled with the gunman. Engel then ran to his car to retrieve a personal handgun which he used to hold Samson until authorities arrived, thus saving countless lives because he was armed.

The story received little attention from the mainstream press because the shooter, in this case, is a black man and member/sympathizer of groups like the New Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam. He directly targeted white, Christian, victims offs hate crime.

Likewise, despite the mainstream news feeding frenzy surrounding the Reinking shooting Sunday, another Waffle House shooting which took place earlier this year, never made national headlines. Matthew Callier McMillan, 29, of Columbia, MO committed a deadly double shooting in a Waffle House parking lot on January 2, 2018, however, this suspect was a  black male, unlike Reinking who appears to be a white male.

Tennessee schools are on lockout today as the manhunt for Reinking continues. This is a developing story.

UPDATE: Travis Reinking has finally been found and arrested. What will happen next is uncertain, but the liberal mainstream media is sure to twist this into a “white men are evil, let’s ban guns” issue.