On September 27th, a flaming liberal by the name of Edith Macias stole a fellow student’s Make America Great Again hat. Now, this crazy liberal could spend up to one year in jail on a misdemeanor charge of grand theft.

The charge was filed after UC Riverside student Matthew Vitale had his hat stolen by the woman as he was walking around at their campus. In a now viral video, Matthew follows after Edith as she proceeds to march into the school’s student life office.

“Hello. Yeah, so this guy thought it would be a good idea to go into the conference wearing this fucking hat.” She later added, “UCR is letting people wear this shit on campus? Make American Great Again, really? There were lynchings and genocide and mass deportations. … I fucking hate this country. … And I am not leaving. … We need to get rid of all ya’ll.”  She shoved the hat in the staff’s faces, so they could clearly see the “hateful” words which are Make America Great Again. Matthew argued that he was wearing the hat because he supports Trump, loves his country, and has the freedom to do so. All Edith could do however, was come back with the same lines that every SJW uses when they have no valid arguments. “This hat represents genocide. Trump hates anybody who isn’t white. You’re white, and therefore your actions are not acceptable. This hat is oppression. Stop wearing it, it hurts my feelings.”

In the end, everything was sorted out. Matthew got his hat back after giving an amazing speech about freedom, and Edith got stopped by the campus police who wanted to know why she thought it was okay to just steal someone else’s property. “Because it represents genocide of a bunch of people” was her response.     

What she didn’t count out, was Vitale pressing charges against her. 

“I’m very pleased that the DA decided to charge her, especially because I am skeptical that UCR student conduct did anything. I will be following up with the student conduct office to determine if anything was done,”

Vitale said in a statement to The College Fix on Monday. He expressed his gratitude for the situation being taken seriously. 

“In the meantime, I can’t thank UCPD enough for actually taking this matter seriously. The detective and officers involved with this case were the epitome of professionalism,” he added. “If, as I suspect, UCR decided not to discipline her in some way this decision by the DA’s office shows two things: First, that UCR does not protect and shows no respect for speech that does not conform to their ideology. Second, that in this case UCR chose not to discipline a person who committed a crime on campus against another student.”

Meanwhile, Edith Macias’ friends think it’s only fair that she receive protection from all the white Nazi bullies in school and that her rent be paid. Yeah, we’ll see how that works out.    

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