Living in America where our entertainment is increasingly pandering to the tastes of self-proclaimed Social Justice Warriors, it’s sometimes easy to forget there are large parts of the world still resistant to such influences. This can cause issues however, when our forced diversity entertainment is exported around the world. Take for example the growing outrage in Korea, where gamers are not happy about how their culture is being represented in the latest game of the popular Civilization series.

The above post comes from YouTube. Where the comment section on a new video for the next expansion to popular strategy game Civilization 6, has been taken over by angered Koreans expressing their displeasure. This outrage stemming from the Western developers choice to have the nation be represented in game, by the historical Queen Seondeok. A ruler with a far from positive reputation among Koreans.

Traditionally in the Civilization series, nations are represented by a single leader that normally is the best or at least most famous in that country’s history. In the latest game in the series however, greater emphasis has been put on adding “diversity” to the roster of leaders. Its own developers stating, “We strive to have a diverse and varied selection of leaders, and it is also very important to us to include female leaders.” While adding more female leaders is perfectly fine, in the legitimate cases where a reasonable candidate exists. The reason so many Korean gamers are up in arms, is that they firmly believe anyone with even a basic knowledge of their history would understand that Queen Seondeok doesn’t fit that bill.

A totally separate issue is simply how the Queen is being physically portrayed by the American developer. With many people suggesting she simply doesn’t even look ethnically Korean. See for yourself here below. On the left is an image of the Queen as she is portrayed in modern Korean made media, the right is the version the Western game developer came up with.

Some of the best comments are actually in Korean of course. With this one asking in reference to the odd character design choice “Is this Queen from Africa?”

Others though cut right to the point, such as this comment which translates to, “We do not need your rubbish west social justice.” A sentiment I am sure oddly enough many of us reading here in the West would also agree with. 

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