Ithaca High School SJWs and the Myth of Black Esmeralda


Even though you were told “dream big” and “you can achieve anything with hard work and determination” as a child, those words of wisdom only applied to you if you weren’t white. If you’re white, everything your parents told you was a lie and you need to check your privilege; go ahead and let everyone trample on you just because of your race. If you’re a liberal, you’re probably cheering me on right now, if you’re a right winger like myself, you’ll laugh at the SJWs who don’t even realize they’re being racist. 

Ithaca High School (New York) is showing signs of the SJW hypocrisy and discriminating against whites when it comes to their theatre department. The New York Times writes:

It started as a local debate over a New York high school production of the musical “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” A white teenager was cast in the lead role of Esmeralda, a 15th-century Roma woman, spurring young student activists to object.       

Last month, after much discussion in the community, Ithaca High School pulled the show, aiming to replace it with something else. But the story doesn’t end there.

Nope. It didn’t end there. Reportedly, students were being “bullied online” about how absurd it was to take away someone’s lead role and completely nuke the production all together just because the girl cast as Esmeralda was white. Well… it is ridiculous. The girl cast in this leading role worked hard to receive that part. Maybe those “girls of color” that auditioned weren’t right for the part? Maybe they sucked at acting? Has anyone thought about that being a possibility? Everything is always a race issue when it comes to SJWs. 

SJW students assumed that the role would go to someone black even though Esmeralda is not black, she’s a French-Roma. If they wanted to be culturally and historically accurate, (like they always say they do) they would have gone out of their way to choose a girl from India and not a “woman of color”. The father of the student who can no longer play Esmeralda because of the color of her skin did not think this was an injustice whatsoever, instead, he commented: 

 “Even though it involved a sacrifice on my daughter’s part, I think the questions that they’re asking are good, important questions that any school should want to ask itself.”    

News outlets such as Breitbart, Fox, and the Daily Stormer got word the liberal school’s decision to cancel the musical and reported on the effects that political correctness has on society. Students and teachers associated with Ithaca High School began receiving messages that they later labeled as internet bullying and trolling. The school’s Facebook page, for example, received messages like these: 

 “You are the real Nazis of this country.”

“I feel sorry for your brainwashed child.”

“You’re a pathetic racist scum group.”

Needless to say, they didn’t like the taste of their own medicine. Eventually, they’ll put on a new play where whites aren’t even allowed to audition this time, forget about it, and move on with their social justice warrior life. But as long as there is injustice, as long as there is hypocrisy, we will continue to call it out for what it is.