SJWs Want ‘White Nationalist’ Teacher Fired Because She Might Kill Black Kids With NRA Guns


You may have heard about the middle school teacher who lives a double life- by day, she is a happy, innocent middle school teacher. By night, she’s an evil white supremacist troll who advocates for the death and destruction of all races other than her own. Right? Isn’t that what happened? 

Actually, to some degree yes. Dayanna Volitich is a social studies teacher at Crystal River Middle School in Crystal River, Florida. Recently she was also found to be living under the alias “Tiana Dalichov,” host of an internet radio show called “Unapologetic.” The show centers around Tiana who claims to be red pilled on subjects such as race and the JQ. Though her topics are definitely of the edgier caliber, she has never once advocated for the death of other races contrary to what some liberals are saying. She states how different races tend to have different abilities and different IQ’s. This belief is only racist if you don’t actually know what a racist is, as many liberals don’t. 

CNN reports that Dayanna Volitich hasn’t been fired per se, but that she has been “removed” from the classroom while an investigation takes place. 

Now that her alter ego has come to light, Volitich has been removed from the classroom while the school district investigates her behavior.
In a statement provided to CNN, the Citrus County School District said “the Human Resources department was notified and an investigation was initiated immediately” when they learned of Volitich’s alleged online behavior.
“The teacher has been removed from the classroom and the investigation is ongoing,” the statement read.
Looking at her photo, I can’t even be 100% sure that Dayanna is white, but that’s the angle they’re playing. SJW’s on social media are calling for an official termination of Volitich, saying that she would likely be the first to volunteer to carry an NRA gun and then proceed to just randomly shoot black children with it. 
“Good that she was removed. There is no place for people like her in the school system. And to think, she could have been one of the teachers that volunteered to carry a gun, eventually.”
“I am so glad. Can you see her carrying a gun and IF there was a black or brown student she would have shot one of the students saying she was feared of her life because they do have the Stand Your Ground in Florida.”
One user suggested that she not only be fired for exercising her right to free speech but that she should also be thrown in jail.  
“First, she should be jailed and fired. Next please explain why these people who are oh so righteous have to use fake names and go infiltrate where normal people live. The answer is that they are domestic terrorists- simple as that.” 
Dayanna Volitich has since insisted that the show was meant to be satire and that she didn’t honestly believe these things. Personally, I think she gets points taken away for being dishonest about what she believes. She isn’t getting paid to say these things, and it’s not how she keeps food on the table. Why then, did she feel the need to be dishonest? It may be that she really believes what she said on her show, in that case, she’s still dishonest for doubling back. 
What are your thoughts? Is the first amendment being violated? Should she be fired or continue to teach? Was it dishonest of her to come out and say the whole thing was “satire”? Let’s have a conversation.