Somali Migrants Raped Swedish 13-Year Old Girl Till She Bled, Filmed it for Social Media, Then Raped Her Again


Last year on June 14th in an apartment in Västerås Sweden, a group of Somali immigrants brutally raped a 13 year old girl. Three of the immigrants participated and took her into one of their bathrooms where they gang-raped her until her abdomen apparently ripped and she bled. Soon after, while she was crying out on the balcony of the apartment, she was raped by her attackers again while other’s were watching. The perpetrators also filmed the violent assault, and posted it to Facebook live. They reportedly only stopped when police stormed the flat and ended the broadcast.

As violent and disgusting as this event was, it seems authorities are essentially giving the attackers a slap on the wrist, as they have all been sentenced to only a few months of ‘youth care,’ even though they were indeed convicted of rape against a child. These perpetrators also had previous burglary and child pornography charges against them, and were all reported to have been born in 2000, although it is a common occurrence for migrants to lie about their real age.

Unfortunately, because of Sweden’s current legislation, they also “cannot be deported” although they have dual citizenship to both Sweden and Somalia. So in Sweden, if you make jokes about Islam, you can go to jail for 2 years, but if you violently rape a child and stream it for the world to see, you get off with only a few months of juvenile detention. This is nothing new there however, as a few years ago, a Somali Muslim raped a Swedish woman dead and also did not face deportation.

After the attack, the young girl has suffered physically and mentally.  Along with her injuries, she had also contracted a fever few weeks later, and has suffered frequent nightmares, and cannot sleep alone. She has also been subjected to insults and vile name calling, and her home was apparently even pelted with stones at night.