Somali Migrants Scam Millions From Minnesota’s Government And Attempted To Send The Money To ISIS


The American state of Minnesota has one of the most generous social programs in the whole of the country, and as of recently, it has had an ever-increasing amount of Somali immigration into the state. The authorities of Minnesota are not sure of the exact population of Somalis but the official number is 100,000. And to give you an idea of how much that is in proportion to the rest of the state if the Somalis were to form their own city within the state it would be the third-largest only behind only theTwin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Because of the uncertainty of the exact population, and the generous size of social programs in the state, there has been a welfare scam going on mostly through childcare centers. The most notable of which was the Salama childcare center where hundreds of thousands of dollars were scammed from Minnesota’s government from this one center alone.

A federal grand jury indicted Fozia Sheik Ali, 50, the Somali director of the Salama child care center, on four counts of wire fraud and one count of theft of public money for an alleged scheme in which she “greatly overstated” the number of children served by the Salama Child Care Center in regular reports to the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

The exact nature of the scam was they would report having larger numbers of children then the actually had in order to get more funding. This was proven by physical surveillance of the centers in this particular case the center claimed to have over 300 students when in actuality they only had 45. The investigations by the Minnesota government are continuing to this day but so far they have estimated that $248 million has been frauded from Minnesota’s government.

Where has all the money been going you ask? Well, that leads to the bigger part of the scandal. Airport authorities arrested nine Minnesota men with Somali background for attempting to join ISIS with the men were millions of dollars of cash from the social program scams that were to be given to ISIS.

A federal jury has found three men guilty of plotting to join the terror group ISIS and commit murder overseas, back in June 2016.

Guled Omar, 21, and Mohamed Farah, 22, were found guilty on all charges. Abdirahman Daud, 22, was found guilty on all terror counts, but not guilty of lying to a grand jury.
The attorney for the state of Minnesota said: “There were repeated attempts (to go to Syria) even after acquiring deep knowledge of the brutality” of ISIS, he told reporters after the verdict was read. “They knew exactly what they were doing, becoming terrorists bound and determined to kill” for ISIS.
The terror group, he added, continues to reach out “to our youth with a powerful and false message. This is no time for people to stick their heads in the stand.”
The three Somali-Americans were among nine young Minnesota men arrested since 2014 for allegedly plotting to join ISIS in Syria. Six — Abdullahi Yusuf, Zacharia Abdurahman, Hanad Musse, Abdirizak Warsame, Adnan Farah and Hamza Ahmed — pleaded guilty to conspiring to travel to Syria to join ISIS.
Perhaps the most disturbing part of the whole scandal was the fact that police described the men as seemingly fully integrated into American life. While in actuality they had a burning hatred for the people of the United States. Showing that the idea of a multicultural utopia is a dystopia. This will probably lead to Minnesota’s government to reduce money for social programs throughout the state, and it’s not the fault of greedy corporations it’s the fault of left wing SJW diversity advocates.