Swedish Government Debunked: Claimed Swedish Meatballs Originated in Turkey


What must it feel to really loathe yourself? To hate yourself down to the very marrow in your bones? What’s it like to be Sweden?

That’s what some on Twitter are asking after a controversial Tweet from Sweden’s official Twitter account which proclaimed that Swedish meatballs, the kind made world famous by the Muppets chef as well as IKEA, are not actually Swedish but are…are you ready for it? Turkish!

Of course! For hundreds of years the Swedish people have gobbled down balls of seasoned and creamed meat but only now, just now, as Arabic Muslim culture takes over their country – poof! – like magic, we discover that Swedish meatballs are actually Turkish!

Makes total sense! How strikingly convenient!

“All your culture are belong to us.” chants the Muslim version of Zero Wing

But would you believe me if I told you that the official Sweden account got caught….lying?

Oh my, yes, lying through their teeth – or typing fingers, as it were. The viral Tweet was quickly debunked by math historian Richard Tellström at Stockholm University, who was interviewed by Svenska Dagbladet.

“Their data is incorrect. There is no evidence that this was the case.” he said.

But as the old saying goes, a lie can get halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its boots. Before the debunkers could get busy debunking Fox News had already published the Turkish legend as a fact even though the Swedish account had absolutely NO EVIDENCE for their claim, whatsoever!

Oliver Grassman, editor of social media on Sweden.se, says that there was no scientific source for the statement and believes that it was written based on a “commonly accepted truth”.

“If it’s a factual error, it’s not good because we wrote, “Let’s stick to the facts.” he said. “What we wanted to convey is that cultures inspire each other and the concept that something is healthy often changes through the years. Especially with food. We just wanted to create engaging content for our overseas target groups.”

But Twitter wasn’t having any of this nonsense and food historians as well as those worried about Sweden’s bizarre desire to commit cultural suicide, chimed in.

NickiM wanted to see receipts. Where’s the proof of their claim?

Andrea points out that meatballs date back to Roman times. 

Thomas can’t believe that the Swedish government thinks Turkey was actually the first civilization to roll meat into a ball! 

Man Behind wants to know…Sweden, buddy, you OK? You can’t keep doing this to yourself, man.

Some pointed out that Turkey is an invading force, a recent one, and that “Turkey” as we know it, didn’t exist at the time period Sweden’s government is claiming! 

Toxarn would like to remind everyone of  the Swedish government’s track record for rational behavior. 

Peter is holding out hope that Sweden.se has a shred of integrity.

As of press time the nearly week old Tweet had not been corrected nor deleted.