As it turns out, Canada may not have the best intentions for “people kind” after all. The National Post reports that after 72 days in jail, parents Ahmad Ayoub and his wife Faten were freed after pleading guilty to uttering death threats against their daughter as a summary conviction offense.  

The Muslim family who migrated from Syria to Canada to escape the rough conditions of war, are extremely strict about what her grown daughter does in her free time and who she chooses to date. Allegedly, once they moved to Canada, the parents described their daughter Bayan as a “disgrace” and wild rebel who no longer had any desire to follow every strict rule associated with Islam. Her parents were angry to the point of physical violence when they found out she had won an iPod in a contest and threatened to poison her food. They were also concerned about what she did and who she interacted with at her job as a food banker, and they frequently got into arguments with her about what she posted and who she talked to on social media.

She had met a Canadian man and they were both interested in pursuing a romantic relationship, this, of course, infuriated Bayan’s parents who said they had enough of her “worldly” ways and planned on taking action against her. Ahmad Ayoub is quoted to have said to his daughter,

“For the sake of my own dignity, it would be better to slaughter you.”    

When Bayan’s Canadian boyfriend encouraged her to go to the police, her mother called her on the phone and threatened that if she didn’t go back to the police and tell them that she had lied, then she would be killed as a result. Bayan stuck to her story, but as things quickly escalated, she wished that she hadn’t. Through the time her parents were arrested and detained, Bayan would talk about how she wanted to take it all back and how “all of this was her fault,” but the investigation continued. 

In the end, their lawyer was able to get a plea bargain and avoid the more serious indictable offense of uttering threats which would have resulted in their deportation back to Syria. The lawyer claimed that the couple simply did not understand the cultural differences between Syria and Canada, saying that the threats had not been meant to take seriously. But if Bayan truly thought she wasn’t in danger, she wouldn’t have gone to the police. But she did, and now her parents are free to roam Canada and continue to threaten anyone who doesn’t perfectly practice Islam.   

Is it a mistake to let these abusive parents stay in Canada, or are their death threats just something to scoff at? Let’s have a conversation. 

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