Does anyone remember Radhika Sanghani? Don’t even try to pronounce that name, you’ll get it wrong and (because she’s a feminist) she’ll get triggered and probably call you a racist bigot until the day you die. Anway, Radhika Sanghani was the liberal who originally brought us the “air conditioners are sexist” argument. Here is a quick snippet from that article just to show you how ridiculous it is:

I am freezing cold as I write this article at my desk. I’m wrapped up in a jumper with my legs crossed under me to keep warm, and my sleeves are pulled as far down as they go.

My two female colleagues are sitting opposite me wearing their jackets, and there’s a stack of emergency desk jumpers in case things get worse.

The men around us are all pretty much jacket-free. In fact, most of them have their shirt sleeves rolled up and religiously maintain that the temperature is ‘fine’.

Welcome to office life, where women battle daily with the air conditioning, and men have no idea there’s even a problem. They toil in their dream temperatures, while women are left to shiver.

She claimed that this was a true story and expected to be taken seriously. Now that spring is drawing closer, and it will time to break out those A/C units once again, Radhika Sanghani has adopted a new cause, and this time it has to do with large noses.  

Yes, you read that correctly. What started in January 2018 as an angered liberal triggered by the lack of large noses in Hollywood, (see the irony) morphed into a movement that feminists are now calling #sideprofileselfie or big nose acceptance. Radhika Sanghani took to Twitter to promote her latest contribution to feminism:

Breaking the big nose taboo with my new campaign on the !! Let’s stop hating our noses for not being tiny, little snubs and learn to love them by sharing a     

She proceeded to link her followers to an article she published in which she encouraged women of all ages to take side profile selfies like some sort of convict in order to send a message to the world: “Small noses oppress me! Let large nostrils rise and rule over the lands!” Most of her followers, though admittedly not very many, agreed that this new big nose acceptance movement is just what our country needs.  

They’ve run out of excuses. They can’t say that women get paid less because that’s been debunked. They can’t say that blacks are oppressed because they don’t understand what oppression even means. When all hope is lost, liberals tend to lose any sense of reason they have left and kick-start movements that only succeed in making them look like bigger idiots. So great news liberals, if you have a big nose, you can finally find freedom. No longer will you be denied opportunities in life because of your fat nose. This is true liberty.