The violence wreaked by a quickly growing extremist left-wing movement known by “Antifa” (short for “anti-fascists”) has been remarkably under-documented by the mainstream media. The extremist left-wing coalition has been historically known to misrepresent their conservative opponents, often labeling anyone with remotely right-wing convictions as “neo-Nazis” or “fascists.” As Antifa members have convinced themselves that President Donald Trump is the literal incarnation of Adolf Hitler, there has been considerable advocacy for violence against the American leader and all of his supporters.

Consider the following image, taken from a prominent Antifa website: 

Regardless of the fact that Nazi Germany was a socialist nation bent on gun control and considered white people to possess inherent privilege, the progressive left has somehow equated everyday Republican voters as worthy of violent impalement. As such, a paradigm has risen whereby otherwise center-right conservative have become increasingly hostile to their leftist opposition as a natural reaction. 

In late August, 2017, after the “Patriot Prayer” rally in California was cancelled due to anti-conservative pressure, a few brave souls dared venture out into the open to express their socio-political worldview through an event titled the “No to Marxism in America Rally.” This resulted in mobs of Antifa members descending on a handful of defenseless rally-goers (watch here), including members from the (in)famous Latinos For Trump organization. Police were forced to retreat from the area, and Trump-supporting individuals were placed under extreme police protection. 

After this phenomenon, an online petition created on the website began to make its rounds through the internet, calling on President Trump to label Antifa as a terrorist organization. The petition quickly reached 35,000 views, and when confronted with accusations of being “fascist,” the founder of the petition stated: 

The idea that disliking ANTIFA and their malicious behavior is somehow indicative of supporting fascism is sophistry of the highest order.” 

As of the writing of this column, the petition boasts a whopping 122,000 signatures, and is less than 30,000 signatures away from its goal of 150,000. However, it seems that Antifa may not need the help of the internet to achieve terrorist status in the United States. 

Since early 2016, federal authorities have been warning state and local officials about the growing leftist organization, notably recognizing their gradual increase in confrontational and dangerous methodology. An understandably large portion of the concern regarding Antifa is not only the antics applied by the extremists, but the reaction that it could cause. “Since well before the Aug. 12 rally in Charlottesville, Virgnia,” Politico reports, “DHS [Department of Homeland Security] has been issuing warnings about the growing likelihood of lethal violence between the left-wing anarchists and right-wing white supremacist and nationalist groups.” 

Even Nancy Pelosi, a Democratic politician advocating for the removal of Confederate statues in public areas, has condemned Antifa, stating that the American democracy “has no room for inciting violence or endangering the public, not matter the ideology of those who commit such acts.” 

Here is the breaking aspect of Antifa’s progression as a terrorist organization: The Department of Homeland Security has been aware of Antifa since early 2016 and understood that the movement would likely become violent if Trump won the presidency. In previously unviewed documentation, it has surfaced that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security have designated Antifa as “anarchist extremists” and denoted them as the “primary instigators of violence at public rallies.” 

This is news for the Unite the Right rally, which has wrongfully been held responsible for the violent outbursts and death of Heather Heyer. In fact, such acts of conflict are the result of Antifa’s violent counter-protesting, complete with bats, pepper spray, and makeshift flamethrowers. 

The death of progressive leftism is approaching, and as always, the pendulum swings.