The Flames Of War Have Been Lit On Free Speech In The West


It appears that the velvet glove has come off the iron fist of the tyrannical monopolies that control the West today. We see this through the arrest of the Austrian leaders of generation identity, the banning of Brittany Pettibone, and Lauren Southern, from the UK and most recently the arrest of Tommy Robinson.

But they are not stopping at these intimidation tactics of the popular pundits of the new right-wing movement. They are attacking the plant at its roots that are in social media where these political movements got their start. They are doing this through what is called shadow banning.

Shadow banning is a rough term for a tactic of censorship used by all major social media. The tactic is to not outright ban certain content, but instead simply downgrade its promotion on the site. That means that the content shared that they deem as wrong think will not notify followers, group members, or wherever your sharing this content it will be next to impossible to be seen, and this severely decreases the number of people that view it. And they do all of this without notifying the user that the content they shared is being hidden.

What exactly are the standards they are using for banning? Well, I’ll give you a couple quotes recently released by Twitter to its users on its policies of censorship it plans to implement. Twitter says it will be censoring users that are trying to “game its system”, and are “acting like a jerk”, to create “healthier conversations”.

These words are purposefully vague so that Twitter can ban things they simply disagree with that they have no argument against without outright owning it. And I think we all know what acting like a jerk and gaming the system means to these major social media corporations. It means anything right of the center of political thought.

We see this through the constant censorship of pundits like Paul Joseph Watson or black pigeon speaks who both never advocate violence or depict violence in their content. Whilst at the same time Antifa social media remains uninhibited despite the fact they constantly promote violence and have been arrested for smuggling weapons to use against people they disagree with, and have been deemed a domestic terrorist group by several US states.

You may be wondering now about how effective can this shadow banning really be?

Well, I’ll tell you as some of you may know this website is going under. Today will be the last day of active operations on the site. The site may get a reboot later on or a new owner but it is unlikely. Because this shadow banning on social media has specifically targeted this site. And because we are not a large site that has a significant following most of our views relied on social media for view counts.

Another tactic used by these major corporations, owned by the globalist elite, is the boycotting of ads on sites like ours. Because they realized that these companies they own are actually funding the real resistance against their New World Order. And you know it is not because they think we are untrue in our reporting. Because they still continue with ads on websites that push the narrative of alien conspiracies and Bigfoot-like content.

So this attack on our site is clearly because the globalist fear our narrative. So to me, this is bittersweet bitter because this clearly is a great inconvenience to someone like me, sweet because it reaffirms to me that what I’m doing is actually effective in fighting against cultural Marxist globalists.

You see you have to expect this kind of pushback when you fight against all the materialistic powers. Because that is where their power lies they offer you riches and reward and threaten to take away if you do not obey. You have to resist your flesh’s materialistic yearnings in order to rise above it and actually have a chance at fixing our broken world. And it is in this transcendence of materialism that you’ll find real joy. You see in actuality all you would be giving up is empty materials that would have no meaning give you know satisfaction. So this is not to goodbye it is simply au revoir because I will be back because you can’t kill the truth.