During this week of stupidity among the regressive left, internet superstar and gaming personality Felix Kjellberg, aka “PewDiePie,” broke the headlines of nearly every news outlet. The reason? Out of frustration in one of his gaming livestreams, Kjellberg angrily exclaimed, “What a f*cking nigg*r! You can see the full stream here

Immediately after, comments began to rail against Kjellberg, calling him “racist.” Kjellberg dismissed the assertions immediately, and then published a video with his statement on the situation, apologizing for his outburst and generally depreciating himself in front of his 50+ million subscribers. 

But let’s take a step back for a minute. Let’s look at this thing from a rational standpoint instead of allowing our emotions to dictate any rash judgments we may be inclined to make. 

Contextually, Kjellberg’s usage of the offensive word was not racial in intent. Words in and of themselves are neutral mediums to convey our intent; therefore, it is the driving intent behind a word that discerns the offensiveness of any given statement. Everybody acknowledges this reality to some extent. Gaming journalist , in her column on the raging subject at hand, specified that “using the N-word is never OK,” and then continued to cite verbatim, “[PewdiePie] called another player ‘ fucking nigger’ during a live video stream.”

Of course, in the context of trying to condemn all usage of the word “nigger,” Ramanan provided a scenario when it is acceptable to use the term, namely, when citing another person. Moreover, great literary works possess the term, and such instances are considered treasuries of American history. 

But this entire scenario is a non-event for most people. The majority of those outraged over Kjellberg’s usage of the offensive word are liberal white millennials afflicted with “white savior syndrome.” Black people do not become uncontrollably triggered when hearing an offensive word. Words do not do anything to anybody, it is the intent of both the receiving and offending party that leads to offense. 

Leftists, however, will not allow black people to individually determine their reaction to this scenario.

There was absolutely no derogative racial context that could construe Kjellberg’s response as offensive. In a fit of frustration, Kjellberg intentionally exclaimed the first offensive, ugly word that he could think of. The purpose of Kjellberg saying “n*gger” was not to degrade black people, it was to vent his frustration through using an offensive term.