Most of us (on the right) had much higher expectations than what’s been delivered so far. We had every reason to believe that this day would be the start of a much bigger struggle, threats of violence and over throwing the government are plastered all over their website. What we’ve been witnessing so far however, is a big, giant, nothing burger. 

Several Gab users have been commenting their thoughts on these ongoing events:

“You Commie Antifa faggots were supposed to ignite this huge revolution but instead only a handful of pussies showed up. A whole bunch of… meh. HA!!! If you thought we made fun of you and hurt your feel-feels before… well… it’s going to get worse after this anticlimactic, utter failure.”

“FFS people, show us your anger, kick a trash can. Drop some litter, something. You look like the walking dead ambling along”

“Looks like this day of protest was a bust. Will the antifa try again?”

There are several different live videos covering the protests in different cities. These videos feature everything from an Antifa member getting intimidated by the police, to a group of old ladies singing about how much they hate Trump to the tune of Old MacDonald. 

Those that I’ve seen covering the live events, have all been conservative. They’re going into the crowd, noting how low their energy seems to be. A few of the chants, No Trump, no KKK, no Fascist USA, are only being spoken by a few people at a time. There is no unity. As another Gab user put, “How the hell can you march without drums? I can’t get all riled up listening to one dumb ass bang on a plastic bucket and another whacking two sticks together.”

The speakers are just as terrible. No passion in their voices, no meaning behind their speeches, just mindless rambling. Oh, and of course the whole “we need communism” bit. Most of the time, it’s just a bunch of confused protesters standing a round holding signs. Another George Soros funded event failure. 

Currently in L.A, YouTuber folkloreAmericana is streaming feed from the counter protesters in a video titled: “Refuse Communism:: IT BEGINS!!” Far more interesting and inspiring have been these counter protesters. From the Conservative to the Alt Right, they’ve been uniting together under one common goal; making America great again. Putting differences aside, they stand together proudly waving American flags and letting their voices be heard. 

Also at Austin City Hall, Antifa members were silenced as the 200 plus Trump supporters greatly outnumbered the 30 Antifa protesters who forgot why they were even there. Waving American flags, singing the National Anthem, and proudly chanting “U.S.A” in the streets, we can easily say that patriots are taking back America.     

This is a developing story, and things may change once the sun goes down, but it seems as if the Antifa has lost and the patriots have won.

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