It’s walkout Wednesday! Shouldn’t these kids be in school? Although the official walkout was only supposed to last 17 minutes, some schools went on to protest gun violence a little longer. Holding signs, screaming chants like “We’re alive, they’re dead,” any ridiculous thing you can think of for a student to do during a protest, they’ve done it. All this, in the name of taking away their rights (or better put, their parents rights.) 

One of the infamous and most effective chants thus far has been “No more guns!” Followed by, “Yeah bi**h!” Surely these inspiring words will move mountains. Another chant sure to take away our guns is, “Hey Hey NRA, how many kids have you killed today?”  

But not school participated in the walkout, as a matter of fact, some were not even allowed to. Here’s a tweet from one student who said there would be serious consequences if any of them walked out.  

“Today my school was not allowed to walk out or else there would be consequences, so all of us students met in the gym for 17 minutes to read the names of the victims and have a moment of silence” 

Another student said the same of her school, but that they ultimately disobeyed the rules anyway. “My school wasn’t allowed to walk out today, but we did it anyway.” She then posted a video of their defiance. 

But some students, though they were pressured to by their peers, chose to stay inside while the rest marched against gun violence. The Daily Wire recently published an article containing emails and comments from students who said they’d rather not participate.  

“Tomorrow my school is having a walkout at 10:00 ‘for the 17 students who were killed in the Parkland, Fl shooting.’ The walkout, however, here at my school, is not really about that. It is being promoted by an anti-gun/leftist political agenda that I just don’t and can’t support, especially using the 17 kids that were MY AGE as a platform.”

“I was planning on not participating in the walkout. I do not see the point in leaving class to simply walk outside, stand and talk with peers for 17 minutes, and return to class. The act of walking out of class to “protest school violence” does not seem to have a target audience, even though they may have a news crew, it is doubtful that the students in Florida will see the actions of our school’s walkout as a stand with solidarity. I also support the 2nd Amendment and see this walkout as another opportunity for students and their parents to attack that amendment and my support of gun control…I do see that my refusal to participate may be seen as unsympathetic or cruel. My brother, who is a freshman, is being pressured in class to participate.”

“Honestly it’s like the Women’s March. There is no single consolidated argument, just a loose collection of rants that obscure the main point.” 

While most students are back in their classrooms probably learning about the 99 genders, the media is hard at work publicising the kids who stood outside and marched and condemning those who stood by their principles. I for one am proud of the kids who didn’t walk out, those are the ones who can think for themselves, and those are the ones who will change the world.