Rick Ross, arguably one of the least talented rappers in history, is now reportedly unresponsive and on life support. According to Breaking 911, “First responders were called to the Miami-area home of rapper Rick Ross Thursday morning after he was found unresponsive.” Adding, “Ross ‘has been hooked up to a machine that’s taking over the function of his heart and lungs.” Most members of Black Lives Matter know him as “their guy.” He raps about black issues, white privilege, and how fun it would be to assassinate President  Donald Trump. 

Yep, he actually rapped about killing the president. In a song called “Free Enterprise” (featuring John Legend for some reason), he said he wanted to “assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman,” and to accept his words like they came from Eminem, causing an uproar amongst Trump supporters and those with basic moral values. Now, after publicly accusing Trump of being the Anti-Christ, Rick Ross has fallen victim to the Trump curse, and it’s unclear whether or not he’ll come out strong. 

The Trump curse is what happens after you publicly denounce or legitimately speak hate over our current commander in chief. You fail to get the gold at the Winter Olympics, you go out of business, you lose your job, you fall ill, and in some cases, die. Mark Zuckerberg is losing numbers on Facebook as users look for other alternatives. Stores like Nordstrom that denounced Trump are struggling to keep their doors open. The Trump curse is almost like a real-life Twilight zone. 

It could just be that Rick Ross neglects to take care of his physical needs, his unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise can easily explain why he’s had multiple life-threatening seizures over the past ten years. But it can’t be denied that those with enough hatred and scorn for our president end up paying the price for it. For now, Rick Ross’ fate is still uncertain. But if he gets a second chance, maybe he should consider retiring and vote for Trump in 2020.