Being able to think freely and express your own opinions without being killed or sent to jail has been the right of each and every American citizen since the start of the constitution. But now, mainstream media feeds us fake news and liberal propaganda while telling us that alternative forms of media are all “false and unreliable.” Trying in vain to herd the sheep over to their corner and completely reject alternative media. Oddly enough, we wouldn’t even have the need for alternative media if the mainstream news outlets had just given us the truth to start with. 

Recently, video evidence has emerged on the internet that proves mainstream media to be controlled by a higher form of power. Whether that be the government, CIA, or some wacky end times level secret society. Whatever theory you chose to believe, there’s no denying that every mainstream media news outlet gets their material from the same source. In a video created by Garth Volbeck on Gab, we witness as the mainstream media recites their headlines word for word. 

“The sharing of bias and false news has become all too common on social media. More alarming some media outlets, (by “some” they mean all forms of alternative media) publish these same fake stories without checking facts first.”

News outlets from CNN, to Fox and beyond all chimed in with the same exact wording. They continued.

“Unfortunately, some members of the community use their platforms to push their own personal bias and agenda to control exactly what the people think. This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.”   

Repeating again the words, “This is extremely dangerous to our democracy,” the news reporters reinforce that they are the only ones who should be trusted, despite the fact that nobody has trusted the mainstream media since before Trump called them out for being fake news. Most people who saw the video on Gab were not shocked by the exactness of MSM, but they were understandably still disturbed.

“Seriously, though, this is some Matrix-level shit it’s frickin’ spooky.”

“It’s called State-run media. Welcome to 21st-century communism.”

“This sort thing is what broke the spell for me. 3 years ago, Anonymous put out a video with Local News Stations all over the Country talking about the rising cost of gas for the Easter weekend, (3 yrs ago). They repeated word for word and coast to coast…”

How or if the mainstream media will address this we can’t be sure, but the fact that they are all reading from the same script and preaching the same narrative is beyond spooky. The fact they are touting themselves to be the “only” reliable source when many Americans are searching for alternative forms of media speaks volumes against them. Fake news strikes again from MSM, and the more they speak, the less we trust them.