If you have been seriously contemplating using Tinder, I highly recommend you turn and run the other way. As terrible as it was before, it promises to get a whole lot worse.

I have never used Tinder, and I don’t plan to; for one, I’m married, and for another, even if I were single, Tinder would be the online equivalent to finding your date at the local dump. This degenerate app is available for free on Android and Apple. If you’re trying to get a serious relationship out of this, you’re wasting your time. This app is only about finding someone who’s “hot” to have a one night stand with. 

It used to be that Tinder would use Facebook to get information; first name, age, interests, friends, and photos. By using your location, it could also tell you who’s using Tinder nearby and offer more convenient suggestions. Race didn’t use to be a factor; nobody ever put “I only date white guys” as an official option to limit suggestions. But these days, things have gotten a little more “diverse” so to speak. One user on Twitter pointed out:

“So with Tinders DIVERSITY drive white girls on Tinder is going to be shown 100s of black, Asian and Arab men first before they show any white guys. All to encourage interracial dating. Looks like the odds of you getting a waifu just got longer huwhite boy.”

Though this is just someone’s observation, it’s not a far-fetched one. Tinder has recently been force feeding diversity to users via Twiter, holding competitions exclusively for interracial couples, deciding which one of them has the cutest selfie. White couples who tried to participate received zero acknowledgment from the Tinder team. Because Tinder uses your Facebook profile, they can tell what race you are, and based off of that, they can choose to suggest different races other than your own. One article states that Tinder users are more prone to choosing an interracial partner, so pointing people in that direction instead of allowing people to choose is probably their way of gaining a few extra users.   

Tinder claims to be hardcore blasting out the competition, in an article written about the founders, it’s revealed that they vastly outperform other dating apps:     

Two of the app’s three creators are Sean Rad and Justin Mateen, two Jewish 27-year-olds from Los Angeles who set up shop in West Hollywood with their other co-founder, Jonathan Badeen. (Despite their full work and social schedules, both Rad and Mateen said they make sure to be at their parents’ Shabbat dinner tables every Friday.) They declined to reveal how many millions of people have downloaded Tinder, but they are competing with the most successful matchmaking apps.

Though this is not something to be considered a world issue, it will definitely be annoying for users who prefer to date within their race. Perhaps all day left swiping will bore people to death encourage them to meet people in the real world. In that case, Tinder, keep attracting liberal weirdos to your site. The rest of us will be finding the gems.