Trans Inventions: “The Misgender Correcter” Punishes Those Who Incorrectly Assume Your Gender


Liberals, transexuals, don’t you just hate it when someone calls you a “he” when really you’re a fabulous “she”? Even if you’re a grown man who at the age of 30 has discovered your mom’s been lying to you all this time, you still want your friends to stop calling you Kyle and start calling you Kylie. Now, you can actually punish those who incorrectly assume your gender with the new Trans invention Misgender Correcter! This stunning, breakthrough, never before seen device actually squirts water at the misinformed masses just with one squeeze of the bottle! Nevermind the spelling error; this is done on purpose to show you that anything is possible! This safe and useful tool can be yours today for just 100 shekels!   

This product really works! (If you want it to.) But don’t just take our word for it, read some of the testimonies down below, that way you’ll know if The Misgender Correcter is right for you:

“It’s silly but it works. I have a very good friend who taught me to use correct name and pronouns by tapping me on the nose every time I messed up. Nothing painful, just enough to knock me out of autopilot, correct myself, and go on. There’s no need for dramatic tearful apologies from the misgendering party, and there’s no need for pain inflicting by the misgendered party. Just a bit of effort and understanding and all will be well.”

“This is is adorable and sweet. I have a bad habit of just calling everything dude (people animals inanimate object ) I’m trying to stop more so to never accidentally misgender someone I would hate myself if I did.”

“Fun for family gatherings!”

 “Yeah, lets…treat our friends like dogs…..spray them in the face and train them……”

“What is it, filled with acid?”

Oops! How did those last two get thrown in?! Must have been those darn Alt-Right Nazi’s spreading their propaganda again! 

If you finally want to start being a social justice warrior and stop attending KKK meetups, (that’s obvously what you are if you’re not a liberal), then you should pay the price, get the product, and give it to your friend. That way, he/she/zie/nonconforming/any of the 63 other genders out there, can put you in your place for being a racist, homophobic bigot. 

This is a great quality original invention and it shouldn’t be criticized in any way, shape, or form.