Pediatrician Tells Truth About Transgender Children: “It’s Child Abuse”

transgender children

How the Anti-Science Left is Abusing and Sterilizing Children

The regressive left and their degenerate ideology is in a tailspin. For a moment, let’s turn a blind eye to their normalization of pedophilia and the accompanying allegations. They are seeking to institutionalize the abuse and sterilization of unsuspected youths.

Michelle Cretella is a pediatrician and the president of the American College of Pediatrics. She recently wrote an article for The Daily Signal titled “I’m a Pediatrician. How Transgender Ideology Has Infiltrated My Field and Produced Large-Scale Child Abuse.” In it she cites the dark turn that the medical community is taking due to the influence of physicians who are driven by their transgender ideology.

She joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the disturbing details.

Anti-science leftists have infiltrated the medical community and are actively seeking to treat gender-dysphoric children with potentially and permanently devastating hormonal treatments. The safety of these treatments is entirely unproven. Nonetheless, they seek to administer them– being driven not by any scientific pursuit, but by their ideology.

Cretella says that her desire is to approach these hapless youths with love and compassion by nurturing them through adolescence. To help them to embrace their otherwise healthy bodies.

According to available research, some 95% of gender-dysphoric children, who are not hormonally manipulated, go on to identify with their DNA-inscribed biological sex. The notion that sex is not biologically innate, she implies, is ideologic drivel.

As these physicians ignore the fact that the safety of hormone therapies is disturbingly absent in the scientific literature, they feed lies to the parents of dysphoric children— administering treatments that arrest their physical and neurological development.

These treatments take multi-stage forms. Children are first treated with hormone blockers. Then, once their development is arrested, they are given cross-sex hormones and eventually (usually after the age of eighteen), permanent surgical procedures.

In addition to arresting development and causing cognitive damage, these treatments also frequently result in sterilization.

In order to appease their ludicrous and anti-scientific ideology, leftist physicians are enacting permanent abuse toward these children. They refuse to give these kids the treatments that would actually benefit them.

The confused children of the world are fortunate for physicians like Michelle Cretella who are taking a stand. Her devotion to truth, the scientific method, and the holistic wellness of children is helping to challenge the grim agenda of leftist ideologues.