Hot on the heels of one users efforts to make a secret “Normie Redpilling” site under the guise of the NFL Boycott. A story you can read more about here. Now 4chans infamous Politically Incorrect board is taking things even further. Launching a full scale campaign aimed at pressuring the NFL to draw a clear line in the sand of just how far done the Social Justice Warrior rabbit hole they really wish to go. Their tactic this time? Pressing the NFL to openly address their seemingly transphobic lack of trans cheerleaders. 

The tactic originally was brought up in a discussion thread for the previously mentioned 4chan created site. When a user asked what other efforts could be made to bring the league to heel quicker, it was quickly agreed the best tactic was to get them attacked by both sides. With Conservatives already up in arms, the question soon became how best to trick the left into outrage as well. Given how easily modern Liberals are triggered these days, it wasn’t long until a plan was formed.

Now formally called Operation: TransLeader the effort has moved into high gear. With almost nonstop threads running over the last few days organizing the effort. For those interested in participating, here is a step by step guide. Which even includes the promise of free sexbots at the end as a reward for your hard work.

Already the efforts seem to be working with the 4chan created hashtags already popping up all over twitter and elsewhere online.

With the campaign still so new, it remains to be seen if it will catch on or not. Proponents argue that even if the ruse itself is found out, by bringing the issue to light. Some SJW types will likely still earnestly press the issue regardless of who brought it up initially. Thus still forcing the NFL to address the issue, and get caught in a no win political position.

For now at least, while no major Liberal figures seem to have taken the bait thus far. Noted White Supremacist figure David Duke oddly enough has taken seeming notice, tweeting this out just this morning. Does this mean the former Grand Wizard of the KKK browses 4chan? We may never know. 

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