Well we probably all should have seen this one coming. Desperate to hold onto some of the revived attention coming there way following in the aftermath of founder Hugh Hefner’s recent passing. Or maybe just wanting to deflect from the fact that many SJW types actually used that occasion as an excuse to attack Hefner and Playboy for alleged sexism. Playboy magazine recently announced to the world its first Transgender playmate. In a tweet you can see below that claimed “Being a woman is just being a woman.”

The publication has since gone to great lengths to draw parallels between this decision and their one back in 1965 to introduce black playmates. Of course that choice didn’t mean the magazine, whose main purpose since its inception was to present pictures of sexy naked women, was suddenly putting nude men on display. Ironically considering the magazine’s “being a woman is just being a woman” tagline. They also published on Twitter this image featuring a 1965 letter from a then progressive who argued that a woman is a woman. I wonder if the same person who wrote this letter in 1965 would also now agree that a man is a woman too? 

While Playboy basks in the glow of the mainstream press predictably all celebrating this progressive decision. I wanted to share with you just a few of the reactions from the actual paying customer’s the publication just intentionally decided they could do without.

In fairness, Playboy clearly expected this response, and seems prepared to accept a loss in readership. Tweeting out this message which also happens to include my personal favorite fan reaction to the controversial new playmate.

Now what Playboy might not have expected however is a bad response from the hardcore Feminist crowd. Who also showed up to express their displeasure over this choice, though for very different reasons from the above.

Just goes to show with the modern Regressive Left it’s almost impossible to please everyone.

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