Trayvon Martin’s Dad Gets Tattoo Of His Son As Kang Tut


Tracy Martin, Trayvon Martin’s father, must not be up to date on his memes. He recently got a tattoo on his back depicting his son has a Pharaoh.

The meme “We Wuz Kangz” originated from the claim that Egyptians were black, contrary to the numerous studies that prove Egyptians were white.

The whole reason Trayvon’s father got the tattoo in the first place, was because he isn’t done grieving. Oh, and the fact that he wanted to be on TV and give as many plug in’s to his activist movement as possible. He appeared on the show “Black Ink Crew Chicago” where the crew were “delighted” to have so many activists on their program.

“We’ve been just busy advocating and being on the front lines for the families that are losing their children. I think part of me wants to say, ‘OK, let me step back and take care of myself,’ but then you turn on the TV and it’s something else happening to our children.”

Martin told HuffingtonPost in an interview, noting how his son’s death sparked the outrage of American’s (paid protesters. No American in their right mind would join BLM) and helped create the Black Lives Matter movement.

So let’s quickly break this down. After a tragic incident took place, instead of relying on the support of his friends and family, he decides to go full on comic book villain and begin his life of crime?I mean… activism? Knowing fully well that none of these Black Lives Matter movements actually accomplish anything? If anything, they make people who weren’t racist in the beginning slowly lean towards it. Destruction of property, false claims of oppression, and constantly living up to and glorifying the thug stereotype.

The Trayvon martin tattoo wasn’t really meant to help him move on, it was to shine a light on movements like BLM and try to justify them and make them look like “the right way to go”. Van, one of the cast members, was quick to fanboy as soon as the two activists entered the building. “It’s great to have black brothers out there speaking out and standing up for their communities, and you know, doing everything they have to do.”

Doing everything they have to do. By any means necessary. This is not what our country was built on. It was built on values and principles. Pride for yourself and your country. Respect for the laws and Constitution. If the Founding Fathers were alive today to witness all of these happenings, the destruction, the selfishness, using a tragedy to promote your own agenda, they would weep. What can we do to build ourselves up from this?

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