Last year I wrote about the upcoming television show being co-produced by the BBC and Netflix, Troy: Fall of a City. A show set around the well-known ancient myth, but featuring one major difference. This time the legendary mythological Greek hero Achilles would be black.The response to this original show announcement was predictable, with the reactions mixed equally between those celebrating this “brave example of diversity” and those outraged by its insulting alterations to ancient Greek history and culture. Now, however, the show has actually launched, and its far worse than anyone could have imagined. With a recent episode featuring nothing short of a Bi-Sexual interracial threesome on a beach. Where one White woman engages physically with two different Black men, who also are seen to be having sex with one another. For those with a morbid curiosity, a small clip from the scene is provided here below.

Keep in mind that in the United Kingdom at least, it’s not as simple as just opting to ignore this program. As even if you don’t tune in, you still have to reconcile with the fact your taxpayer dollars went to create this travesty. These TV License tax dollars were certainly needed by the BBC, as the show cost around 16 million per episode to produce. Making it one of the most costly endeavors in British television history. It’s also now one of the most expensive flops of all time, as despite depicting supposedly popular progressive revisionist history, the show has not managed to find a sizable audience. With more television viewers opting to tune into the comparatively wholesome singing competition The Voice, than choosing to gather the family around the couch to enjoy a Bi-Sexual interracial threesome. 

The question now becomes just how low the ratings will go. With the show having already shed more than half its initial audience just four episodes in. Going from a premiere of 3.2 million to a mere 1.6 for the most recent episode. One TV insider was quoted as saying, “It’s pretty embarrassing for everyone involved given BBC producers made the decision to place it in the primetime Saturday night slot at 9pm which is used to seeing ratings of well over five million. Everyone thought Troy would be a huge hit, especially given the amount of money that the BBC pumped into it.”

While it’s unlikely we will be subjected to a second season of Troy at this point, I wouldn’t hold my breath that the powers behind the scenes will ever admit to the obvious reasons the show didn’t connect with a mainstream audience. Because after all, how could scenes like the one below possibly be to blame?

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